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PintoTess 09-18-2010 11:12 PM

Gemma the shy shetland.
this is a true story of my friend when she got her little mare Gem.

"Ellen, we are going to look at a horse for me today! im so excited!" Shelby said as she finished talking to her mum. I was at her house that day. My best friend has loved horses ever since we met 4 years ago. I already had Tess my pinto mare and she had wanted one ever since.
"im coming too!" i said back to her as I was more experienced when it came to horses then her.
So we hopped in the car and off we went to look at two horses, ponies actually. On the way, I got a phone call from my mum and she said " we are going to look at a pony for your brother, he is a little stallion named Zorro" i was so excited to have another horse on our property. but I soon forgot about Zorro. I would see him the next day as we had bought him. Tess and Zorro were running up and down the fence calling with tails held high.
Meanwhile, we arrived at our destination. A small place with shetland ponies everywhere.
"hi" said the lady "have you come to look at gem and chloe? they are over here"
so we followed to a little round yard with two ponies tied up to the fence. One was a little bay welsh/shetland, chloe and was about 11hh. The second one was a cute little black shetland mare, Gemma.
So they were both rode around the arena and seemed very quiet and willing to please. In fact Gem seemed perfect. Shelby fell in love with Gem and they decided to buy her. She would be floated to Shelby's house in a week. Shelby was so excited but little did she, or I, know that Gem would change....

PintoTess 09-19-2010 12:06 AM

<><><><>2 weeks later<><><>
It was 2 weeks later and i went to see how shelby and gem were getting along. I expected to see a young girl and her pony happily playing in a paddock together, but I didnt. Shelby walked up to gem but gem wouldnt let shelby anywhere near her. I asked shelby what she had been doing in the last two weeks. She said that a few days after she was bought, gem was a perfect angel letting shelby brush her and catch her, as that was all shelby was confident to do. Then the vet was out as gem was feeling a bit off. Then a few days later she was well again and back to her old self. Then gem went wild and wouldnt let anyone near her. we were all confused and wondered why this was. It was then we found out that the people that owned Gem before shelby had drugged her after we went to look at her. We found this out because when we went to see her, none of us could see it in her eyes that she had been drugged and seemed perfectly well.
I went home that night and told mum about poor gem. Mum asked where they got her from and i told her.
"thats where we got Zorro From!" she said. I was horrified to think that our poor pony may have been drugged as well. But zorro seemed fine and we were sure he hadnt been drugged. Zorro was gelded and we still have him now and he is perfect.
Weeks went by. Then months and shelby didnt know what to do with her poor pony that was terriefied of people. she would run whenever she saw some one coming to her paddock. Luckily, shelby is so patient and gem has learned to eat out of a bucket without being scared, then she could be caught. I replaced her grubby brown halter with a shiny new one. She was getting better!
"I want a pony too!" said shelbys cousin Eisis. She was very inexperienced when it came to horses, so she wanted a colt. Me and shelby begged her not to get the colt called timmy that was being sold for FREE!Unbroken at that, Eisis thought it was too good to be true, so as a result timmy was bought for her. Although me and shelby warned her that she wasnt ready for a horse let alone a colt! but she just wouldnt listen. Timmy was a wild big colt standing at 14hh. Not a small colt at all. We were so angry that timmy was bought for her. Eisis was so scared of timmy that she said to me " timmy wont let me get the halter on him Ellen, you try" so I did. I simply walked up to the big strong horse and just slipped his halter over his head. It was that moment i fell in love with him. He trusted me so musch that he fell asleep in my lap and was taught so many new things by me.I felt priveliged that I was the only one he would let near him. I was nicknamed "the horsewhisperer". I wanted to work with him and in a hour I had him walking on a lead and he learned some manners. But timmy pulled the halter off gem so it has been 6 weeks now and gem has not been caught. Later on, Eisis and her mum found out that timmy would need a $5000coperation to be gelded as somthing wasnt right with him. (i wont go into details) this was a problem as they didnt have the money to pay for his operation as they had just moved house and timmy may even die getting operated on.
Meanwhile, gem went back to her wild state one more but is improving everyday. I havent seen her for a while though.
About 3 weeks ago I went to shelbys and we went up to see timmy and gem. Timmy was nowhere to be seen.
"wheres my colt?" i asked shelby.
"oh i forgot to tell you, he went back to his origional owner the other day"
"why? I loved him!" i broke down in tears at the loss of poor timmy. Even though he wasnt mine, he was more mine than Eisis's.
"Eisis got sick of him and she was scared of him anyway. she finally found out she could not handle a colt"
Was he just another toy this girl got sick of? i was so angry but happy that he could go to another home that he could be a well trained horse, not a pet of a spoilt brat.
So I have not seen timmy since and i miss him, even though he was not mine. Im not sure how gem is going and i dont know when i will see her again...but i will keep you all updated on her progress if i ever see her again...
thanx for reading (if you did) :P

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