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Kiki 09-19-2010 01:01 AM

Your view on Alcohol and nice lol
ok so I want to know what you guys think....
I wont tell you my exact age not because Im vain but because this is the internet but its safe to say I have been out of school for a good couple of years. In Australia the drinking age is 18 (sorry to my American viewers but I am gloating :D) and I have been over that for awhile. In that time I have been invited out clubbing a number of times and have refused a) because of my beliefs b) because its a scene I dont want to get into and c) I dont like loud noises, fights, tooly guys etc etc etc......I also have not been drunk since I have passed the drinking age and that is because I dont drink to get drunk. On the contrary, I drink frequently, especially after work but I dont get drunk because I drink for the enjoyent, not to get hammered.
My point is because of this my friends think I'm a freak......yes when they ask me out I say no thanks and use my mum as an excuse but in all reality if I set my mind to go clubbing she wouldnt be able to stop me......

so whats your POV on alcohol, drinking etc......and am I freak or am I just more mature that my friends xD

Zeke 09-19-2010 01:04 AM

I am with you 100% and I'm even weirder because I'm in college still!

My current roommates loveeee to go out and drink and pick up guys. I am not single and absolute hangovers. I do however enjoy the occasional drink to loosen up a bit but I by no means like to drink to be sloppy drunk. I really see no point.

Spastic_Dove 09-19-2010 01:05 AM

You think you're a freak? I don't drink ever. Period.

I'm not religious at all. I've drank before and didn't like it. I also grew up in a home that was ruined because of alchohol which certainly had an effect.

I have bar-tended many times though.

Personally, I dont think you're immature if you get drunk.
What bothers me is the culture where a lot of people my age (21) or around it only know how to have fun under the influence. I live in a small town and I get that theres really nothing else to do, but it's also a big deal in the college scene.
It really sucks.

I think it all boils down to personal preferance. Its just unfortunate that people who choose not to drink or go out and club get looked at as outcasts many times.

Zeke 09-19-2010 01:06 AM

YES Spastic! Many kids now can only have fun under the influence and it's so sad.

Solon 09-19-2010 01:09 AM

I don't drink anymore but had fun when I did.

There's no reason you can't just be up front with your friends and tell them you don't like that scene.

smrobs 09-19-2010 01:10 AM

I drink occasionally. I haven't been really drunk since before I turned 21 (something about it being legal makes it less fun LOL). Even now, I don't like to get drunk. So no, you aren't a freak. No more than a few million other people anyway :D.

As for the drinking age, I know they think that having it a 21 over here makes sure only more 'responsible' people drink. However, I believe that if you are old enough at 18 to decide who you think should be our next president or old enough to die for your country, then, by God, you ought to be old enough to go buy a beer.

ruger 09-19-2010 01:13 AM

Aint nothin good ever come from drinken, had a blast in my younger days in perth australia.

omgpink 09-19-2010 01:36 AM


Originally Posted by smrobs (Post 753340)
As for the drinking age, I know they think that having it a 21 over here makes sure only more 'responsible' people drink. However, I believe that if you are old enough at 18 to decide who you think should be our next president or old enough to die for your country, then, by God, you ought to be old enough to go buy a beer.

Exactly what I was going to put!

I'm still not the legal age and I drink occasionally. I live right next to a huge University, it's actually the 3rd largest party school in the US, and they have huge parties all the time. Whenever I go to them I drink depending on rather or not I'm driving or staying at a friends house. Like Friday night I stayed with a friend so I did drink but I've never gotten drunk and I don't really think I want to.
I think for most people my age they see it has if they do then that makes them a bit more cooler and if they get so drunk that they pass out or worse that heightens their coolness. I also see at parties that most people just hold a cup of beer just to make it seem like they fit in.

CheyAut 09-19-2010 01:50 AM

I've never been to a club and have no desire to. I don't go to bars. I don't drink alcohol. I can't remember the last time I had any alcohol... probably 5-6 years ago I had one. I have never been drunk, never wanted to be. When I have had an alcoholic drink, it was either Smirnoff Ice, a daquiri or something similar, and just one. Just one is enough to make me fall asleep. Where's the fun in that? I don't get it. Not for me, thanks. My husband does drink (Bud Light), he does it when he watches football when I'm working or sleeping, he never drinks when I'm around (probably because he knows I don't drink and thinks him doing so will upset me... yes, if he gets drunk everytime he does, but not if he doesn't, which he doesn't... but anyhow...)

Zeke 09-19-2010 02:00 AM

I think I probably attend the school omgpink is talking about, playboy let us grace their top party schools 3rd spot last year and it's unfortunately what we're known for. That and a couple inappropriate nicknames haha.

I see what you're saying with the more you drinkthe cooler you are thing all the time. Heck, I'm guilty of holding a half drunk beer to avoid being handed another. It's life, the people who do drink around me seem to really enjoy it so good for them! I have had my fun drunk nights but like I said the next morning is such a turn off for me.
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