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Nita 09-19-2010 11:21 PM

I have too many horses. It is true. In one way or another, we're all horse poor. :lol: But here's the thing. Between 5 of us, in my family, we have 15 horses. Granted, we live on a ranch. Granted, a few choice seniors have earned their keep. 5 of the 15 are mine. A ranch mare that I trained and trained, only to finally admit that the only show horse she'll ever be is a poor one, but rodeo she can do. A yearling (who I LOVE!). A two year old, who is not getting the time she deserves, but around here horses go for a dime a dozen. :? A senior who has earned his keep and will be going nowhere, and a 4 year old who's coming along nicely. Now.

The ranch mare, I'd sell her if I ever got a decent offer, but grade ranch horses... Not sellable. So looks like she's here to stay, plus when I need a horse to go work off of, she's nice to have around. But, I have fought with that horse every step of the way, as for showing and training. She's dead broke but my blood, sweat, and tears went into it. We are not compatible. But I couldn't sell her to someone knowing how much of a danger she really is, because she acts like she's 3.

The senior, here to stay, even though it's not like he's doing much ha. And he'd make a great little kids horse for someone, but he was my childhood boy. I can't bear to see him go!

The two year old. She's registered and everything, and I had about 3 rides on her when crap went down and she got turned out for a while until things settled down. I need to bring her back in and see how much ground I've lost, but honestly, I'm so busy with sports and FFA and 4-H and class and student body pres. and just everything! that I don't know if I can give her the time she deserves. I'm pretty sure I could, actually, but I'm not going to put in the effort and time on that horse if I'm not going to get a good price for her. I'm too tired and busy most of the time to want to add an extra thing if I'm not getting any payback. The added $$$ would be nice, but do you think that I would get it? She's got nice lineage, especially for around here, but it's not spectacular. Just the sort of thing I like because I had hoped to start her for myself and she was cheap when I got her. But that's just not happening now, I love her to death but someone else deserves her more. Anyway, what I'm asking is, do you think that if I put another... say 60 days... on her, would I get the money back at a sale for my time? Or would just 60 days be kind of irrelevant in the long run? Because at the most I could go 75 days, but that's pushing it. Oh, and do you think it's worth the time and money to look up a buyer, or would just a sale be the best thing. I'm not saying I don't have time for her, because I could make time. It's just that I'm not wanting to put in a lot of my time if I'm going to get around the same price for her. Opinions?

And how would you guys go about talking a parent into selling a horse? We have a few that we just don't use. One should just go for dog meat, I'm not going to lie. He's been to several trainers, I've worked with him, my dad has worked with him, and he's hurt every person who's ever tried. He's just downright dangerous, and we've already agreed to sell him. But there's a few others that my dad wants to keep, but they are awesome horses with a lot of heart and training on them, but now they're just pasture puffs because it's a madhouse around here. I know my parents won't want to sell them. Hell, there's a few I don't want to sell! Breaks my heart to think about but they all have things that they excel at and that I would love to see them doing rather than standing around here.

Another thing... the yearling? When I leave for college, she'll be coming 4. Just the worst time to leave. I LOVE this filly. I couldn't sell her. EVER. But I can't bear to think of her just staying here with all that potential wasting away. Should I take her with me? I don't know if I could afford it. But she hates other people, she's a one person horse. And honestly I don't want anyone else riding her. I'M SO CONFLICTED! haha. Anyway, I guess I'm just asking for similar experiences, advice, or hell, even potential buyers! I live in Montana, by the way. :lol:

Help? So confused. :?

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