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SaratogaTB 09-20-2010 12:00 PM

Really Tight Calves
I am riding a lot right now to get ready for my OTTBs first show. I ride with correct, well sunk heels. So why is it that my calves are getting tighter is seems, with all the incredible stretching that happens while riding? (I ride hunt seat) When I wake up in the morning, my calves are SO tight, I have to stretch quite a bit. I didn't have to do this when I wasnt riding. I would think that the riding would have the opposite effect. Any thoughts?

sdellin 09-20-2010 12:08 PM

Are you stretching after your rides? You might try standing, you know the deal...toes on a step, calve raises and stretches blah blah. Maybe you're only working them in one direction when you ride and need to balance that out. I would think this will get better with time as your body adjusts to the extra riding you're doing.

Zeke 09-20-2010 02:20 PM

You didnt have to stretch when you weren't riding because you weren't using these muscles as much when you weren't riding. The fact they are now stretched more and more often may be tiring them out a bit. I would do calf raises and stretches until they get used to the excersise. A heating pad and some Tylenol will help any pain from tightness because I know walking around like that is no fun!
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