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EQ hunter rider 03-02-2008 12:12 AM

Little Lila That COULD...
Well here is the story of my students pony..=)

Jackie (my 7 year old student) and her mom went to the auction one day, IT was 4 years ago. They wernt planning on buying a horse, Just looking..And just like ALL horselovers who say that, Quarter of us end up with a horse are 2. They sat down and watched as the horses where led into the ring..Then all of a sudden a little pony came out into the ring. A 12.3hh Bay pony With a flaxen main and tail. She was sold to jackie for 500$!
They didnt know what to do with Lila. But she was to cute not to buy her. And at an auction who knows who would have bought her.
She was so calm! They loaded her into the trailer and brought her home. They didnt know a thing about Lila. They didnt know what breed she was, They didnt know what she had done or anything. Not even her age. They had a vet check her out and he said she was around 10 years old. For the next 3 years she rode lila on the trails and lila just fallowed her moms horse. Lila didnt know anything. But she was calm and was willing. Then last year they had drove by and seen me riding my pony Squiggles, And asked if I was interested in training Jackie and lila..
And just like any 13 year old girl that is crazzzzy about horses I said Yes! But boy I did NOT know what I was in for..

It took us months to even teach her how to move forward and not to try and go to every person or horse she sees, Then there was backing up and getting her to turn without putting up a fuss. Just when I thought I had had enough! We finnaly hit gold and we got her trotting. Trying to teach a Rider and a horse at the same time is NOT easy!! But Jackie was a GREAT student and lila was trying..
One day jackie was just trotting lila and she cantered 2 strides ( I know, No big deal right?? But we litterely Cried) We were So happy!! A couple weeks later we got her cantering on both leads around all the way. days later we popped her over some jumps about 2 foot and she did GREAT!! In november Jackie and lila went to there first horse show! They did walk trot and ended up getting 2 First and a 3rd and 4th!!=) I was really proud of jackie and lila. Then Today we were free lunging lila and she jumped a 3foot Oxer!! Another break though! This pony keeps amazing us! Whenever we give up hope she does something amazing to wow us agian, She is an angel sent from god. she gave us hope and taught me and jackie and her whole family, That no matter how rough of a start you might have, you have to keep trying. I see big things for lila and She amazes me every time I see her. We made something out of nothing. Every day we get further and further, But right now we are just enjoying life. And enjoying the animals we share it with (Especielly Lila)=)

Thats the story of Little lila That could! :cry : Tears of Joy!!=*)

mlkarel2010 03-02-2008 12:16 AM

That's a truely inspiring story!!

EQ hunter rider 03-02-2008 12:19 AM

Thanks!! Here is a picture of jackie and Lila...
She was Dark Dark bay when they got her but she must have bleached out lol because she is sorrel now.. :D :D

mlkarel2010 03-02-2008 07:54 PM

I can't really see her color very well.... but they are adorable!!

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