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DubyaS6 09-21-2010 10:03 PM

I am literally not kidding.

If I listed everything separately, it would take me hours with tons of pictures. Honestly I just dont have the time (or dont want to spend the time to do so).

Looking to sell everything together if possible. If you want something specific, just ask me for price...I really just want to get rid of this stuff and I promised my husband it would be gone by October 15th :lol:

I have 2 totes FULL of random riding equipment including:

-2 leather training headstalls (the kind that only go over one ear)
-Multiple sets of reins varying from leather split reins, a couple pairs of single reins and some rope type reins I used to run barrels in (they are my FAVORITE and are really soft)
-At least 3 sets of splint boots, 2 are the cheaper type and one set is Martha Josey (all black and size medium)
-2 sets of bell boots, nice thick type and no-turn style (also black and
-2 breast collars, 1 really nice leather tooled one and the other isnt as nice leather, but has some concho type design on it
-1 nice leather tiedown headstall with concho type design
-1 leather tiedown (the actual tiedown from the headstall to the cinch)
-Absorbine fly bonnet (dont think this has ever been used, still in box and black in color)
-2 red polo wraps, these are the super thin type
-Couple of bits, one is just a simple o-ring snaffle and another is a copper snaffle with a little shank, but nothing major, still a mild bit

I am sure I am missing a lot, but you get the idea. I would like to sell this all at once just to avoid a hassle and would give it away at $100.

I also have a tote full of old show/rodeo clothes. All size S/XS and size 0 jeans. There are AT LEAST 10 button down shirts (used for high-school rodeo) and 5 pairs of jeans (some Lawton and Rockies) ranging from light denim color to black. Also included is a pair of turquoise chaps with fringe (medium condition - I bought these used back in the day) and a really REALLY nice pair of black riding chaps with no fringe (these would work well for daily riding use for English as well. I think these were worn 2 or 3 times). There are also a couple silver/gold belt buckles (not huge) and some nice silver earrings.

I would be willing to let all of this go for $50.

Buyer will need to pay shipping and I do take paypal.

Again, would prefer to sell everything bulk together, but if you see something that you would like to single out, let me know and I will send a picture and price it out for you.


grayshell38 09-21-2010 10:35 PM

I may be interested in the black riding chaps. Pictures and price please? :)

ShutUpJoe 09-21-2010 11:10 PM

I was wondering how much you'd want for the tie down, fly bonnet, o-ring and one set of the splint boots?

corinowalk 09-21-2010 11:22 PM

Guys, I think she wants to sell her stuff as a lot. $100 bucks is cheap for all that stuff. I may be rolling quarters LOL

DubyaS6 09-22-2010 09:42 AM

Grayshell and Joe, I will get you prices and pictures tonight.

Corino, you are right that I would prefer to sell everything together, but I also realize that the chances of someone just buying everything (especially without pictures) is slim to none. I mean, if I wasnt so lazy, I could definitely split everything up and make way more money...ha!

I was kinda hoping a BM would see this ad and buy the stuff for the barn as a whole, BUT its all good :)

WickedNag 09-22-2010 10:36 AM

Would love to see the show clothes...interested in the entire lot. You can email photos to me if you would rather do that than post them here. I will pm you my email address...

DubyaS6 09-22-2010 11:08 AM

Clothes (other than black chaps) and jewelry are sold to WickedNag...thanks! :)

Pictures of everything else will be up this evening!

WickedNag 09-22-2010 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by DubyaS6 (Post 756852)
Clothes (other than black chaps) and jewelry are sold to WickedNag...thanks! :)

Pictures of everything else will be up this evening!

Thank you! I will have one very excited daughter :)

DubyaS6 09-22-2010 10:35 PM


Spurs $10

Breastcollars $15 for the top one/$10 for the bottom

Halters - Horse size $5 each

English Stirrups - Not great quality $5

One ear headstalls $10 each/O-ring snaffle $5/Copper snaffle w/shank $10

Over and Under $8/Goat tying rope $8/Flag Holder $2

Reins! From left: Long Split Reins $10/#2, 3, and 5 are all single reins - $5 each/#4 are split reins - $5

Shin Splints, BRAND NEW IN BAG NEVER USED. As you can see these were $38.99 new. Asking $20

Splint Boots, not exactly sure of size, but these were used on my 14.3 QH mare and my 16.1 Appendix $15 each set

Random Gold Horse Bookends - you can have these for free with any order/Absorbine Fly Bonnet NEW IN BOX $10/Hay Forks $5

DubyaS6 09-22-2010 10:35 PM

Black Chaps - these could be used for everyday riding and fit me when I was a size 0 (I was probably 5 feet tall at the time, just keep this in mind for leg size) $35

Red Polo Wraps, very thin $5

Leather Headstall $20

Navy Halter with Leather $15

Quick-Stop Bitless Bridle PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH HOW THIS BRIDLE WORKS (can be a horse's savior if used properly, otherwise a nightmare) $35

Matching Headstall and Breastcollar, has silver on them, just needs a major cleaning $30 together or $20 each

More Random - Plastic canteen for trail riding (this shape is REALLY handy because it fits against the pommel of the western saddle perfectly) $10/Breyer horses $20 for both or $12 each/

Tiedown Headstalls - One on left has L.S.C. 1998 across the noseband, the one on the right has silver conchos on the noseband $10 each/Actual Tiedown $10

More Splint Boots and Bell Boots all medium size - Pair on left $15/Martha Josey Pair on right $20/Bell Boots are no-slip type and are $10 each set

Horse size cooler (to be used after a bath or such) - Has Stony Glen Champion 1998 embroidered. Excellent shape, just grassy $35

Extra Thick Pad, good condition $20

Nice Neoprene Pad, good condition $25

Workout Pads - Ugly but in good shape $5 each

Blankets and Under Pad - All in good shape $20 each blanket or $35 for both/Under Pad $10 or with both blankets $5

English Pads - One on left is thick and better quality $10/One on right $5

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