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stephnlouis 09-22-2010 05:16 AM

Strange Head & Neck whilst riding (poss back problem)
Hi Guys, can anyone offer some advise? I have recently brought my warmblood gelding back into work after 8 weeks off after injury(mine) and also moved to a new yard. I have been lungeing him in the wood chip arena for ten mins then schooling for 10 mins as is all I'm able to do at the min. But yesterday I got on straight away. After 15mins of schooling and working really well with no stiffness/lameness half way around a 20mtr circle in canter he just stopped and put his head to the floor and wouldn't lift it for about half hour, he was walking and trotting up sound but wouldn't raise his head, I massaged his back & neck muscles to see if he's pulled something but nothing seemed sore, it's really baffled me. It was as if his head was really heavy... When i briought him back to the stable he was eating and drinking fine but reluctant to lift his head more than 2foot from the ground. He seamed better this morning when I fed him but i'm still baffled as to what it could be.

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