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Benny 09-23-2010 04:38 AM

Want somethin drawn in colored pencil/texta?
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I'm bored.. Sooo, anyone need something drawn? Looking for action shots.. And clear ones. Not sure how I'd go with a black horse though. Because my black pencil is missin. But I could figure something out.
More so with the hooves/some legs, covered. Because I suck at drawing them. And I don't feel like practice. But here's some examples of what I do.
Annd, horses, dogs, cats. Anything! But, don't expect something nice with a person in it.. I don't really draw them. xD

kamibear11 12-18-2010 10:49 PM
Thats Kodee you can draw him if youd like!!!!!! U dont have to draw th legs in the pic ( the persons legs i want the horses unles thats to hard i dont know) haha

Benny 12-18-2010 11:27 PM

Did you want it done in any type in particular? If you don't, would you mind if I try it out on the computer, instead of paper?

kamibear11 12-19-2010 09:42 AM

If it is easier for you yes you can do the computer but if you wouldnt mind if you could draw it??? Its up to you!!!!

Benny 12-19-2010 05:58 PM

Computers probably harder. xD But yep! I can draw it. Shall do it today. :D

kamibear11 12-19-2010 06:04 PM

AWESOME!!! thanks!!

Benny 12-21-2010 07:34 AM

I'm sorry. But I lost my pencil case in the move. ><
Also, it's a three month old thread, I don't have the thirst for drawing right now. xD
But when I can draw it, it'll be the first thing I draw.

kamibear11 12-22-2010 06:44 PM

ok thank you!!

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