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Equus_girl 09-23-2010 03:00 PM

Please help! Ridiculously herd bound!
I am rather frustrated!! :evil: Berdi loves little Sasha (the llama) and is very attached to him. That is all fine and I'm glad they have each other for company. However Berdi is getting ridiculously herd bound with him. I can still ride her fine away from him other than her calling him a bit. However, if I put her in a corral or stall she paces and neighs like crazy. Over the night she does settle down in her stall even if she can't see him. She has never tried to jump or anything.

Today I walked out into the field and had a halter and rope. She loves being ridden so that is not a problem. Sasha ran off following our dogs and Berdi followed him. I wasn't too worried as that is kind of normal. However I got near her and was saying, "Come Berdi" and she kept on walking away so I could not catch her. She would toss her head, look at me and run and then Sasha would follow. :-x I tried for a long time and finally gave up (which I know wasn't the best idea) but I couldn't get near her in that big field.

Now my plan is to lock her in the corral and put Sasha back in his pen. Get her listening to me and not always worrying about him. We will be fencing part of the field off so it would be much easier to catch her even if the llama's in with her.

Problem is that she freaks if she can't see him. Do you guys have any other suggestions of what I can do? I don't want her to get hurt trying to get out of the fence to get to him, but something has to be done. Just so you know - the fencing is barbed wire - not my choice but the owner of the field lets me use it for free so I don't have much choice! The corral of course is of wood so it would be safer. However I can't keep her in the corral permanantly! lol!

Sorry this is so long! I'm just frustrated and hoping you can give me some advice on what I can do to solve this problem. Thank-you so much! :D

Snookeys 09-23-2010 07:40 PM

If her problem is that she acts up when she's around Sasha, it's best that you work her while he's around. Ride her in the pasture with the llama, or put the llama in the corral with you (depending on how large it is). Get her working and really listening to you (whether it be from the saddle or the ground). And when you ride her away from Sasha, don't let her call, even a little bit. She's taking her focus off of you when she does that, and usually just makes the problem worse.

Next step will be to take her away from the llama... Work her on the ground, lunging her and making her constantly do things. Just don't let her get distracted, and don't let her call. Keep her focused on you! Don't be aggressive, especially if she's nervous...Once you feel she is calm, hop on her and make sure she remains focused.

LittlemanRob 09-25-2010 10:13 AM

I have had similar problems. I decided to separate my horse and my mini because he was so hard to deal with, even with the mini out of sight for just a moment. I put them in pastures which border each other so there is no physical contact. At first he would not leave the fence but now he ventures to the opposite end of the pasture.

In the meantime you need to spend lots of time with your horse and do lots of groundwork. Establish yourself as herd leader. I do my ground work next to his buddies pasture so he associates work with his buddy. So far I am making good progress. I can get him away from the house on lead but won't attempt to try to ride him away for a while yet.

Lots of great suggestions from the people here.

BackInTheSaddleAgain 09-25-2010 10:54 AM

I separated my mare just by panels. She can still have interaction with the other horses (important for me), but because of the panel separation, I am her only herd member (and of course the leader). She no longer has interest in staying with the boys. Her attitude changed big time. She is FAR more affectionate to people and craves attention more than ever.

I'm not sure how your place is set up. I would suggest trying what I did.... not separate them completely.... separate them by safe fencing and allow them the option to muzzle each other and huddle when it's cold or windy.
That might not be enough separation, though. Every horse is different. I just like to take least drastic approach with horses possible and go from there.
Completely agree with groundwork. I <3 groundwork!

Best of luck.
P.S. I want a Lllama! lol

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