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AngelWithoutWings54 09-23-2010 08:46 PM

Good News, Bad News, And ANOTHER Annoying Person
Good News:
Two days ago, there was a jumpeer course set up in one of the outdoor rings. I KNOW my horse is not that great at jumping, and he's nervous when the poles are bright or when there are things under the jumps. But, I decided I would jump them anyways. HE WAS AMAZING! No refusals, no turn outs, just perfect jumping! Most of the time even his striding was right! I'm not sure if I was doing something different or if he was just in a good mood that day, but either way it was amazing. We got all the way up to 2'3!

Bad News:
Today I was riding in a ring where there was a hunter course set up. I figured that since we had been having a good streak of jumping, I would jump again to see how he did with a few different jumps. It started out fine, but there was a small gate under a jump, and he refused it several times. The jump was only 2', so I could trot him over it easily. After we had gotten that taken care of, I moved on to a bigger 2'3 jump. It had nothing under it, except for a pole on the ground and a pole going diagonally across it. He refused it 8 times, 6 of which I lost both stirrups and almost fell off. I realize that it was probably my fault somehow, but I think it WAS partially his too. I did end up getting him over it eventually.

Annoying Person:
So, let's just call him Z. Because that sounds cool. So, today while I was riding in the hunter ring with the jumps that Jerry refused, Z came up. I knew that he used to ride Jerry when he was a school horse, so when he saw me jumping, I knew he would come over and make up a course for me, which was fine. I generally like Z, and he always has helpful tips on horse shows and grooming. Anyways, he even lowered the jumps on the course to my comfort level, which was very kind of him. Before I started going through the jumps, he said "Remember, If he refuses, either I get on him or you kick him and smack him." Uhh... no. Sorry, Z, but that's not happening. My horse has a very sketchy background, and when we got him he was very skinny and scared. I am finally getting his confidence in jumping up, so I'm not gonna beat him if he does something wrong. I will correct him and dicipline him, but I WILL NOT beat him. Afterwards, he asked to ride my horse in a show, then he told me my horse "isn't talented enough for a rider of his capibility." THEN WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO SHOW HIM?!?! UGH. Sorry about the rant. :-P

ilyTango 09-23-2010 08:51 PM

I don't think he wanted you to beat your horse. It sounds like he was just telling you to be firm with him, and to give him a nudge if he refused again.

Spastic_Dove 09-23-2010 09:27 PM

Agreed with the above poster. Aside from the "rider of his capability" bit, I agree with him. I hate seeing horses that get away with things because they were "abused". You're not abusing your horse if you ride aggressively after a refusal to get over a jump. Obviously dont beat him, but kick him and get over it -- who cares if it's pretty. 8 refusals is unacceptable behavior. Either you're over fencing him or he's just getting away with murder IMO.

Good job on the jumper course!

barrelracer892 09-23-2010 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by ilyTango (Post 758641)
I don't think he wanted you to beat your horse. It sounds like he was just telling you to be firm with him, and to give him a nudge if he refused again.

I agree with this too. That whole comment about him saying your horse isn't talented enough for him is just plain rude though. Awesome job on the jumping! Keep it up :].

AlexS 09-23-2010 11:58 PM

I wouldn't want to beat him either, but I would want to be a bit firmer, or you are teaching him it is easier to refuse the jump as you are not going to push him on over it.

Good job with the 1st course, I love those moments when things just come together!

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