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horseylover1_1 03-02-2008 09:49 PM

Some horsey scetchs...
Well... here's mine. They have no color, as most of my pics. I like the scetch look and I can't really color...

I also had to use flash so it droans out some of its justice. =(

I'll post pics of ones with color later, they are better an a way. *shrug* But one of my strong points is probably getting the porportions right, I am pretty good at that. Can you critique them nicely. =) I have only been drawing for 2-3 years and a few months of actual improving, so please just give tips. =) I also want to know what you like, and what I should practice.

(btw, I am already practicing the eyes)


Bitless 03-03-2008 01:37 AM

very cute. Well done. :D

dannys_girl16 03-03-2008 01:10 PM

They're really cute! The second one is my fave, it reminds me of a pic I have of Danny :)
Your proportions are very good as you said, but some little details need adjusting and then they'll be really awesome. QUestion; do you work from pictures or from memory? If you work from memory,wow :) That's a hard thing to do.
What I did that really helped me nail proportions was buy a cheap sketchbook JUST to keep for learning. That way you can have your nice sketchbook to show off to people :) Then I got a ton of horse pictures - rearing, standing, rolling, trotting, etc etc etc, and I did quick sketches - like super quick, gve yourself like ONE minute to do a lightning-fast one looking at the pic. This sounds ridiculous but after a while you'll see an improvement!
Then, pick a specific body part to work on, and just draw it for as long as you feel you need. I worked on ears forEVER! Also, try to look at the equine body as a series of shapes stacked together (like those wooden moveable people that artists use - you can get horse ones!) Figure out those shapes (an oval for the head, an arch for the neck, big circle for the shoulders, bigger for the hips, etc etc) and just draw horses using those. The great thing about that is it really helps give you an idea of super realistic horses, and if you do it in pencil (which you should!) you can erase the inner parts of your faves leaving just an outline that you can turn into a real drawing.
Anyway, I hope that made sense and helped! Good luck and good job so far!

horseylover1_1 03-03-2008 09:25 PM

Thanks. :) For the most part I look at a picture to get the body shape, but half the time it looks not much like the original- so I'm sorta creative in that aspect. The first was originally supposed to be a WAY different picture, so it was original. The second, Roxy, I actually used the Bella Sara Roxy. I will probably have to change the name...

So if you see this card:

and my drawing:

I understand what you say about viewing the horse as a box, stacking things on top of another, but I have tried methods like that and they do not work for me... but thanks. =) I usually do god by drawing horses I like at, like Roxy, and practicing them without cards to get it down. I would post a new one now, but my camera needs a battery recharge. :evil:

petsb4u 03-04-2008 01:30 AM

I like the drawings and know if you keep up the practice you will capture the horse just the way you want. I have drawn horses for as long as I can remember but just for myself. here is how I started drawing them, these are with a mouse so I know they are not very good but thought they would give you an idea of how I use shapes to get the correct proportions then fill the picture in with the detail.

By breaking the horse down to parts and then drawing those parts often you can get very good at horse pictures.

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