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RedTree 09-24-2010 06:52 AM

okay I posted on here a while ago and some of you said Buzz was a little bit to skinny which I knew. But with everyones help I was given some great advice and I think he has gained that bit of weight.
When I say think I can't really tell, Right now you can see his ribs if you stare at him for a long time and know where they are but as soon as you touch him you know their there.
Also his butt doesn't seem to be getting better.
I have been doing a lot of trotting work and hills when I can, but theres not much around, I sent up trotting poles as well, but rarley do them lol.

okay anyway here are the pics
around the beginning

in the middle some time

and now hes losing his winter coat so don't mind the pintoness :P
and sorry about the bad angle, I didn't think it was that bad when I took it.

critques on his weight please :). does he look better or is it because I see him everyday.

RedTree 09-24-2010 07:01 AM

I just relized how hard it was to tell so I have done it like this

could some one give me some advice to muscle up his butt?? I can't see any change in it :(

it actually looks better in the first one :( or maybe its the angle

Scoutrider 09-24-2010 08:24 AM

His weight has definitely improved from what I can see, and I like that his new summer coat seems to have a little more shine to it.

He does look under-muscled yet, not only in his bum but across his topline and neck. It's hard to tell, but if he had his head up in the second side-on shot (most recent), it looks like his withers would still drop off sharply to his neck. Of course, it looks like he has a lot of withers anyway. :wink:

The best way to build muscle is to get him walking. Trail rides over varying terrain are excellent - hill work to get him driving from behind and get his bum working. To build up his topline more, the best thing is to get him working from behind and lifting his back. I like ground poles (and later, cavaletti) for this, alongside tweaking your riding to emphasize forward from seat into legs into hands. Kind of a dressage-y concept, but perfectly applicable to any discipline. As he starts using himself over his bum and back, you'll see those muscles fill out more. Do a little research on long and low exercises - done correctly this is wonderful for longitudinal stretching, relaxing, and that bum-forward drive while rounding the back.

Since you're coming out of winter, I'll assume that he's rather out of condition anyway. Here's an article on general conditioning and bringing a horse back to form after a winter of perhaps minimized work. Understanding Conditioning as You Prepare to Use Your Horse More Actively

The first bit is very basic horse care, but midway through touches on physical conditioning and improving horses' fitness level.

Great job so far, and good luck! :-)

RedTree 09-24-2010 08:39 AM

yer he does have a lot of wither :P one of the disadvantages and makes riding bareback a pain.

I did start taking Buzz for walks (seperation anxity has a fit when riding but is fine when leading haha were working on that as well) but then I sort of stopped with school and everything, I'm in my last year and the workload has piled up, I do however want to take him for some walks as it is very relaxing for me and good for him.

I will look up some long and long excersices and hopefully give them all a go

thanks for the encourgement :)

sarahver 09-24-2010 09:40 AM

Hey RedTree, he looks much better, almost like a different horse! Agreed with Scoutrider about muscling but I completely understand about schoolwork. I am guessing you are in year 12 and so studying hard to get into Uni? If so then all the best! Don't worry, Buzz will be OK with whatever work you are currently doing then when you finish in December you will have all the time in the world to work his butt off!

When you do get more time to work him, try lots of hill work for hip and hock strength and to build those hindquarters and lots of long and low work to build his topline. Trot trot trot for fitness!

Good luck with everything!

RedTree 09-25-2010 03:38 AM

thanks Sarahver :)
Yer I'm in year 12 and even though holidays are here I don't think I'm going to be relaxing much.
I will hopefully be able to work him at least a couple of times a week or atleast take him for a walk, or something.
Does his weight look good now? Or does he still need a few more kilos?
I'm hoping next winter he wont lose his weight at all and he can stay fat all year round :)

sarahver 09-25-2010 09:53 AM

I think his weight is spot on, you have done a great job! The only thing that is left now is to develop some nice muscle tone and you will have yourself one very handsome gentleman!
Riding a two or three times a week should be plenty to begin developing some topline and his hindquarters, providing you work hard.

On the other hand, his legs won't spontaneously fall off if you concentrate on school right now and worry about getting Buzz in shape when you finish school later in the year. He looks very healthy and will be just as healthing in three months when you have more time to concentrate on him!

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