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farmpony84 09-24-2010 01:40 PM

How does this work? A friend of mine has one, she is super cute and quite talented. She's papered but both of us were trying to figure out HOW the breed association works.

I understand there is an inspection process but what I'm wondering is how does the breeding work? What are they? any breed? and what breeds cross to make them?

My Beau 09-24-2010 05:41 PM

Is she papered Oldenburg NA/ISR or GOV?

Oldenburgs with the GOV are just that, Oldenburgs. Although you can present any mare at an inspection and if she is approved you can have her entered into one of the mare books, which makes her offspring by Oldenburg stallions eligible for registration. For example, my TB mare is registered with GOV and is in the MMB (main mare book) and has had many foals by Oldenburg stallions - which are just considered and registered Oldenburg, even though they're 1/2 TB.

farmpony84 09-24-2010 07:50 PM

she has thourobred in her....? She is registered though and she has a color associated with her... can't remember which. Blue maybe?

My Beau 09-24-2010 08:11 PM

Both the ISR/NA & GOV's use the Oldenburg colors of navy & red.

I'm more familiar with the GOV as my filly's sire is German, so if she's ISR/NA I'm not much help... But you can have registerable sport horse crosses in the GOV.

farmpony84 09-24-2010 08:49 PM

I went to the website but it was really hard to understand. She is selling the horse (her daughters are deep into the QH world and she has no time for her own horse) and people keep asking her questions about the papers and she can't answer them...... LOL... it's too confusing!

My Beau 09-24-2010 08:53 PM

Which website were you on? Do you know the horse's registered name?

And what do you mean by "how the breed association works?" Hit me with some specific questions and I'll try my best to answer them, I've done lots of Oldenburg registry paperwork with my filly.

farmpony84 09-24-2010 08:59 PM

we were just trying to figure out what breeds are approved. It looks like there is quite a list of studs (like 200ish but they are several breeds). She's going to pull her papers out tonight and read through them.... It seems that people are very interested in the horse. I know that she had to go through the inspection process... whatever that means....

My Beau 09-24-2010 09:15 PM

Well, the stallions can be approved by numerous breed associations if they pass the stallion licensing tests. My filly's sire is an Oldenburg because he was born in that region in Germany, even though his sire and dam are Holsteiners. Her sire, Coromino, is approved German Oldenburg and also NA/WPN (Dutch), SWANA (Swedish) and 2 other associations (don't recognize their logo on his webpage). He was presented to the inspectors and they must have felt that he was nice enough to license for their association to add outside bloodlines.

Same with mares - lots of TB mares seem to be approved in the GOV as well as other warmblood mares whose owners want to breed them to an Oldenburg stallion and register the offspring as an Oldenburg. I've seen a few Arab mares approved as well.

Inspections happen the year the horse is born (or when they're a yearling if you have a vet's note saying they were too sick/injured to be presented the year before). The inspectors evaluate the conformation and then the foal is turned loose and the mare is led around the arena at the trot. Ideally the foal should trot along her side so the movement can be evaluated - but that doesn't always happen ;) Then the inspectors "convene" and decide whether or not to give the foal premium status (just a "hey, this is one of the nicer foals here", not really anything super special - the horse isn't crap if it's not given premium). If it's not premium, it's just registered. If it is, then it's registered and given a little "premium plaque". They then take a few mane hairs for DNA testing and draw markings on the papers like they do for coggins. After all of that's done, the inspectors will speak about each foal's weaknesses/strengths and their reasoning for awarding/not awarding premium and/or stallion prospect/foal of distinction awards. Then you pay for registration, get the foal's microchip and go home :) A few weeks later you'll get their passport in the mail. Atleast that's how it works for GOV.

Mare inspections for non-Oldenburgs also happen at foal inspections - they're the pretty much the same. Evaluate confo, walk and trot and decide what book they're going to be placed in.
Here’s a summary of the different mare books and their requirements:
Main Mare Book – at least 4 generations of only approved stallions in the mare’s pedigree. Only Main Mare Book mares can produce stallion candidate sons, and only foals out of Main Mare Book mares are eligible for Premium Foal awards at inspection.
Mare Book – at least 3 generations of only approved stallions in the pedigree.
Pre-Mare Book I – at least 2 generations of only approved stallions in the pedigree.
Pre-Mare Book II – less than 2 generations of only approved stallions in the pedigree.

And I found this:

Also, when we say a mare must have at least 4 generations of only approved stallions in her pedigree to qualify for Main Mare Book, we mean that EVERY stallion in the past 4 generations must have been in one of these three categories: 1) a Warmblood stallion that was formally and officially licensed for breeding by an approved registry; 2) a TB stallion registered with Jockey Club or its counterpart in another nation; 3) a purebred Arabian stallion or an Anglo-Arab (Arabian / TB) stallion registered with Arabian Horse Registry or International Arabian Horse Association, or their counterparts in another nation. Non-licensed WB stallions and stallions with QH, Paint, Appaloosa, Saddlebred, TWH, Morgan, Standardbred, pony, or draft horse blood are NOT acceptable within a 4 generation pedigree.
Hope it helps :)

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