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herdbound 09-24-2010 06:54 PM

Injury to long in your experience to heal?
Ok I will try to make this as short as possible but include all the facts so you can know what is going on. In June my sister bought this mare. She is 20 years old. Her name is Dee Moon Dee Moon. She has raced, done barrels, everything - really nice horse. She was bought for my niece to ride and they get along pretty good, despite the fact my niece has had to learn to be a little lighter on the mouth. We had her in the 4th of July parade and she was GREAT!

Well on the 22nd of July something happened...not sure exactly what it was...I heard a lot of commotion from the barn...ran outside to see Moon with about a 5 inch gash in her leg. We called the vet he said start her on 12cc injection of antibiotics 2 X a day for ten days, keep it clean scrub it out ect., and he gave her some bute. About 2 days later she was kicked pretty hard by the lead mare in the same leg. She was so bad she drug the injured leg. The cut got pretty nasty looking...the leg had lots of yucky discharge...but the vet assured me that all would be better...but it would be a slow process...and it has been horribly slow. The cut healed up pretty nicely though. Some days she looks like she is in real pain...and others she is running in the field. But she gets a bute pill in her morning and in her nightly feed daily. It's been 2 months...and counting.

So I got this thought...I took her off the bute this morning...she hasn't had it all day...I made a quickie video today and slowed it is her moving at a walk and a trot on both sides, without the bute...I know what leg it is that was injured...but you don't...I would like some people to look at the video and see if you can tell which leg had the injury...too see if she is making progress. I am inclined to be over critical of the leg because I know which one is injured. Just watch the video please (excuse my appearance and don't get hung up on the sloppy lunging) just please look at the horse and see if you can tell which leg it is.

jazzyrider 09-25-2010 12:10 AM

well im going cross eyed from watching so close but i cant tell exactly which leg. cant even tell whether its hind or front BUT i dont know how fast she was actually trotting but if she was at a 'working' pace then she is pulling up very short in the back and really not stretching at the front either. she doesnt look very comfortable to me. some horses show their discomfort more than others and to me, looks like she is hiding some sort of pain, discomfort etc

have you had her chiropracted since the incident/s?

jazzyrider 09-25-2010 12:13 AM

ooo and i forgot to say (i do that a lot lol) depending on where the gash was there may be tendon or ligament damage. those kinds of things can take months to heal and even then they will never completely heal so that the leg is 100% sound again

mbender 09-25-2010 06:22 AM

I wqould take her off bute. They can actually hurt them selves worse bcause they don't feel the pain. Then let her rest until you see her start to get better. Start to take her for short walks to strengthen her leg. Maybe put some linement on her leg for swelling. Even running cold water on it daily. It may take her awhile to completely heal.
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wyominggrandma 09-25-2010 09:22 AM

I am surprised at the amount of penicillian. When we do horses at the clinic, including my own, the usual dose is 35 cc twice a day for a horse her size. Glad it healed okay.
I see a head bob occasionally, but can't tell which leg it is. Leg injuries, and soft tissue damage inside the leg can take months and months to heal

Cowgirl140ty 09-25-2010 09:55 AM

Im gonna say its her left hind. When she is goin in the circle counter clockwise, you can see her dragging and hesistating on that leg... especially between 2:36-2:38. And when you first switch directions... when she is on the far side of the circle you can almost see it give out. If its not that leg... maybe she has some damage from counter balancing to keep weight off the one leg... and its just gonna take time for all the muscles in all the other legs to go back to normal.

herdbound 09-25-2010 11:26 AM

It is her front left leg. I want to take her off the bute bad...but I just feel so bad when I see her hobbling around. The vet wants us to exercise her 2 times a day for 20 minutes...I don't know it just sucks soooooooo bad. I hope she comes through and is sound enough to be ridden, if not she becomes a pasture ornament. He also said bute has no effect on broken bones, it only helps with muscle pains, and he said that however she acts on the bute, will eventually be how she acts without it. She has just lived such a long life I feel sorry for her having to endure it. The injury was at the top of the leg, she later was kicked in the shoulder area of the same leg. Our boss horse can be a REAL B*tch at times.

MaggiStar 09-25-2010 12:57 PM

Has she been stabled or kept seperate the entire time? As you dont want her getting constantly picked in the field.

What did the vet say about internal damage when he saw it? PErsonally i would not leave my horse on bute for two months unless the vet did further tests to tell exactly what the damage is maybe time t get a second opinion

herdbound 09-25-2010 02:45 PM

My vet says that leg injuries can take a very long time to heal. We have her separated from the others most of the time. Especially at feeding time because they do pick on her. I think she is making progress, it is just so slow. The vet says he does not feel there is any damage done to bone. That the pain she experiences is from trauma to her muscle. I call him with reports and he says that everything seems to be going normally. I just get really discouraged when she seems to be fine, and then in the morning she is hobbling around some days...the vet reassures me that it is all normal. Thats why I was wondering about others experiences. I guess we just sit and wait I have never dealt with a leg injury that totally turned the horse three legged before. Her chest muscle on the right side actually doubled in size from her doing so much more work on that leg to compensate for the bad leg. This whole ordeal made her lose weight too...I don't feel making her tough it out without the bute will do much good, if I were in pain I would want some relief too. He said she can stay on that for a very long time without any ill effects from it.

jazzyrider 09-25-2010 08:02 PM

hmmm not sure about your vet. just feeling the bone/leg isnt a good enough diagnosis.

i do agree with the poster regarding leaving the horse on bute for two months as well. that seems a bit excessive. bute can be quite harmful if overused. does something to the liver or kidneys ??? i think. whichever way my old vet would never prescribe it for that long. the new one has no idea so he might

i also wouldnt be working her a couple of times a day. shell be unfit and sore and as you said, a little underweight after her ordeal. just start with taking her for walks like mentioned above. do that daily but i wouldnt be making her do anything other than a walk if she is still in obvious pain which it sounds like she is.

walk her, hose her and keep her confined as much as possible so she has time to just heal. definitely take her off the bute too. slowly work her back up but dont start making her do anything more strenuous while she is still healing and showing signs of discomfort. if there is tendon and/or ligament damage exercising her too hard too soon could make it all worse.

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