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EmilyandNikki 09-25-2010 01:14 PM

HELP! Need suggestions!
So after doing some research, I have decided that I want to do alternative therapy's for animals when I finish high school this year. But as I look into schools in the states and think about things I realize that while I want to do this there is something I want to do more:

Study Riding under some one from europe, or from a big show barn.
I really want to study riding under someone who rides in big shows, or has european training. Or even go to Britian and ride there! Problem, it will be super expensive, and my family doesn't have that money, and loans won't pay for it like they will for schooling.

I know I could go to a riding school and train there for a discipline, but I'm not sure I could meet the qualifications only starting riding last year.

Same with working student positions, I am still a beginner, but am progressing fast, but not fast enough for someone to look at me for this I don't think.

I need some suggestions on what you might do in this situation, or options open to me.

P.S. I want to do jumping. I recently learned 2-Point, and am hoping to be able to jump in a few months!(Our instructor toss's things up, so one week we will work on 2-Point, next week maybe canter, the week after, back to basics, week after dressage, then maybe back to 2-point or canter, or maybe a trail pattern. It's a rounded out system, where we do a bit of everything)

(I put this in riding, because that's really what it's about...sorta)

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