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Plains Drifter 09-25-2010 11:37 PM

Does anyone have a corgi? Can you tell me about them? Are they smart? Are they barkers? Work cattle well? Someone was giving away some 5 month old corgis today and I was wondering how well they would do around horses and if 5 months was too old to house train and introduce to my dogs. (I have a couple of lc chihuhuas.)

ShutUpJoe 09-26-2010 12:34 AM

I just got rid of a CorgiXCairn Terrier mix. The one I had was NOT afraid of horses to the point where he would walk right under them. I was afraid that he would be stepped on. He wasn't great with the kids. In fact he bit my one year old in the face for getting a toy that was under him. I wouldn't say he was stupid but not incredibly intelligent. I think some of it may have been the Cairn Terrier part of him though. I've always heard Corgis are good dogs.

Anywho, after he bit my son in the face I surrendered him to a breed specific rescue to try and place him with someone who doesn't have small children. Which I did not take lightly because I believe dogs are for life.

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