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mom2pride 09-26-2010 01:20 AM

Odd trail experiences!
Alright ya'll lets share our odd trail experiences...

My most recent one was a couple of nights ago; I had taken my mare to this really fun area to ride hills, and gallop the trail, and we had been there for probably 40 minutes, and I was working some hills with her. Well we came up the slope at one point, and landed right in front of a coyote!!! Like he was literally no more than 4-5 ft away! :shock: The weird part was that 1) my mare did absolutely snorting, didn't wig out, just was like it is perfectly normal to encounter a small wolf on a trail! Course she does have to go past several places on our rides that have absolutely BALLISTIC dogs!! Thank god those are fenced! 2) Coyote just stood there like "what the???" His eyes were HUGE! After a brief moment, took off back down the hill I believe he came up. We hung out at the top of the trail just to make sure mr. wiley coyote didn't come back up and try anything sneaky; he did come back out of the bushes, and just stood there and the three of us just stood there watching each other, and finally the coyote wandered off into the gulley, and back up a larger hill way across from Flicka and I. So then we went the opposite way, more towards the 'busy' part of the town she's boarded in.

Solon 09-26-2010 01:29 AM

I was riding out of Red's Horse Ranch up Lostine Canyon in Oregon with my Grandpa and his cousin as a kid. I was the lead horse on a beautiful Appy named Tamber. We were moseying along and up comes a bear cub with a big ol' fish in his mouth. He stops on the trail because we had surprised him.

Tamber looks at him with indifference and the cub took off at a run up the hill. Tamber watched for a bit then walked on like nothing had happened.

I however about pooped my pants.

mom2pride 09-26-2010 01:33 AM

Yeah, it kind of took my breath away, even though I know that it is highly unlikely for a coyote to try and attack a horse, let alone a horse with a rider, but you never know right?

Never encountered a bear on a trail, before...yikes!

rraylutz210 09-26-2010 01:40 AM

Oh my goodness, I never thought of that; that a horse would not react to a coyote because of their experience with dogs. Kind of spooky. If it was a mean coyote who was hungry I would want my horse to react. lol

So this story unfortunately is not mine to claim. It came from a boarder at the barn I work and board at. She came up to the office one day around dusk in quite the panicked state. She explained to me that herself and a friend had been on the trails near the mountains and had encountered a cougar. :shock: How the story goes, truth or fiction I will never know, is that the cougar had crossed their path from the front. He was about to retreat when the horses reacted and bolted. The cougar then pursued them and eventually gave up. Perhaps a game or instinct? The boarders made it safely back to the barn. I called animal control who told me he was simply passing through and was no real threat unless challenged. Whether or not the cougar had actually pursued them remains a mystery :lol:

Solon 09-26-2010 01:43 AM

Solon's never reacted to the coyotes that go in the field. None of the horses have. We have a lot of dogs that use our barn for agility classes, so I don't think they see them as anything but dog like.

Solon 09-26-2010 01:44 AM

You never want to run from a cougar - it kicks in their instinct to hunt. Some horses would probably get so terrified you couldn't keep them from bolting.

rraylutz210 09-26-2010 01:48 AM

oh yeah no doubt on that! cougars are very scary business, how they outran it though is a true mystery. being that I just moved to Oregon the fact that their are big cats in these hills petrifies me.

trailhorserider 09-26-2010 01:54 AM

My Dad and I were calling elk years ago and a big bull elk charged us! My Dad said he was so in-awe that he was getting a good view of the elk that it didn't occur to him to be scared but his horse spooked and tried to run so my Dad spun him in circles until he could stop him. My Dad said the horse shook all the way home! (and nobody saw what happened to Mr. Elk but obviously he got wise and ran off).

I still go out and bugle for elk, because I love to see them, have had them get very close, but haven't been charged since. :lol:

Oh, and last winter I was playing around with a cow-elk call and had 2-3 cow elk jump out of the bushes right in front of me. My horse spun and the elk ran off. That was the first time I ever had cow elk respond to a call like that.

Elk are fun! And coyotes we chase! Never saw a bear (while riding) or a mountain lion (alive) but maybe someday. :lol:

Solon 09-26-2010 01:54 AM

They are getting worse too. It's only a matter of time before some is killed. We've had several horses killed by cougars in the area I work in southwest Washington (just across the Columbia River from Portland). They are a problem.

rraylutz210 09-26-2010 01:59 AM

oh my goodness that scary! no hiking unless armed. lol
I was definitely scared for my own horse who goes out in a huge field right around that area. Perhaps he will become an indoor boy. lol

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