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CheyGurl17 09-26-2010 06:32 PM

Caring for a horse with a fractured pastern
ok, so my horse now officially has a fractured fetlock. what else that is showing on the xrays is undetermined. my horse was lame for 2 months without being checked out because some days he would be really lame, and then he would be better. and i was gone inbetween too, and the others just fed him and made sure he was ok.

anyhow, now 2 weeks ago, xrays proved he has a fracture on his front right long pastern bone. the vets are not sure how it happened. they really cant think of anything i do with him that could cause it. as i said, a specialist is looking at them, trying to figure out exactly what is wrong, and the reason for the many bony growths (on both front legs).

my horse has now been sentenced to 6 months pasture rest. and he has to lose some weight. hes the kind of horse i would feed lots of grain and ride him tons, and he would be a good weight. but when you cut the grain down to like nothing, now that he is out of use, and no exercise because he can no longer go swimming in the pitts because it is too cold, and he is not supposed to be exercised (lunging, riding, etc)

what can i do for him? what can i do to make him more comfortable? he does not have access to a stall at any time, unless really needed. i live on a dairy farm. if need be, i can move him in with the cows into a stall, where he would be fine, but really it is in use by a different cow. if he were to move into the barn, that cow would be put outside, because she can not get up in a tie stall very well because she is old. he does have a run in shelter, corral, and 2 pastures that are right now combined. he has about 5 acres to graze. he has one pasture mate, my other horse.

and he gets really bored. he is A LOT more work now, because he is soo troublesome. he is normally a really well behaved horse, you cant do anything to phase him. but now he freaks at anything and has reared up on me 2 times in the last 3 weeks. HE HAS NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!!! this is just bad behaviour because he is not being worked. he does get like this when he is out to pasture. is there anything i can do to work his mind, but not him physically?????? he knows many tricks too. Thanks!

sam8701 09-26-2010 06:40 PM

maybe a boredom ball? i stick treats in my horses ball & she has great fun pushing it around trying to get the food out if it?
hope he gets better soon for you x

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