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Quedeme 09-27-2010 06:06 AM

Rawr! Rant Ahoy......
Ok...for those of you who read my previous boarding's a new one for you...

I recently received an email from my horse's current boarding place, we'll call this place 'A'...that I needed to get my horse off the property like NOW because my horse is 'destroying' their fencing. Concerned, I ask why, because this is NOT normal behavior for my horse. I also offer to fix the fencing and put up hot wire so tt I don't have to leave because I have been there literally 3 weeks....They refuse the offer and want my horse gone....I explain that I will need time in order to find a place and transport for my horse. They then tell me they don't know how much time they can give me....Per the contract I signed...technically they need to give me 30 days or until the next payment due, which is the 9th of next month...

Needless to say, I'm pretty spaztacular about this now...However, I get a hold of an old acquaintance that worked for a previous psycho barn manager, and found out that she's looking into a place that's not too far from me and half the cost that I'm paying 'A'. I get the number, and after SEVERAL calls, get an appointment for saturday at noon. I go, I see, and everything is perfect. We'll call this place 'B'.

I then contact another acquaintance who has told me that they will move my horse for me any time I need for cost of fuel and ask her how soon she could move my horse. (I also emailed her the night before during my spazfit flailing that I didn't know what to do or where to go, so she knew this was coming) Due to her actually having a family and a semblance of a life, she is busy until Tuesday. So, I arrange everything for tuesday and tell 'A' that is when I can move my horse. 'A' says that's fine.

Great, while it's not the best of circumstances, at least things are going quickly and fairly smoothly....Until Sunday night....when I get a text...even though I've told 'A' to CALL me....because I have limited texts and my phone doesn't alert me to when I have them...Anyway...'A' sent me a text at 9:30pm...which I didn't get until an hour later just by chance when I happened to look at my phone...Text demanded that I move my horse 'tomorrow' (monday) that she is messing up the fence again....Even though it's 10:30pm I text back and explain that the soonest I can move her is tuesday, which she already agreed upon!

I haven't recieved a text, call, or email from 'A' since, however, I did speak to my transporter and explained this new demand. The vet is supposed to go out to look at some stitches that one of her horses got while kicking through a wooden fence, but the vet didn't give her a deffinite time. However, this lovely wonderful woman, agreed, that if the Vet came early enough in the day, that she would go and pick my horse up ASAP. I am SO greatful to this woman I don't think I can put it into words....However...that is still an 'if' factor...

What's running through my mind now? 'What if'....What if the vet doesn't come early enough in the day and 'A' decides to do something to my horse? I do NOT know 'A' well enough to say they wouldn't hurt my horse, or have a 'friend' come and get her off their property and put her somewhere I have no idea where she is....No one transports around here during the week to begin with, let alone on SUCH short notice...'A' doesn't even have a truck or trailer to move any horses, let alone mine...

While I understand that my horse is being destructive, I offered to fix it, no charge...duh....AND make it better by putting up electric fence...Not only that, but part of me moving my horse out to 'A' was because she was supposed to be turned out on 15 acres of pasture after the first week, NOT kept in a turnout sized pen with another horse.

I'm not trying to defend my horse's behavior, though I can't blame her...She has had it just as rough as I have...moved 4 times in as many months....I think the stress has gotten to her...She also hasn't been ridden or worked due to the constant moving and schedule conflicts it has caused, so on top of stress, she's bored....things that would have been worked out of her if she had been turned out on the 15 acres like I was told she would be....They also have a barn with stalls that were full of rubbish that they said they were going to clean out (I even offered my help when I first moved her there, and they didn't want it). If they had just done what they said they were going to do...even just half way, either by putting her out on the pasture, or cleaning up the stalls, she would have had a place to stay and not get into trouble....

Now it's been three weeks, not even a full month, and I'm moving her again....I feel aweful about it....yet, it must be done....

I may regret asking this question....but I being that difficult, or is 'A' just put it nicely...

On a lighter note...'B' is lovely...instead of being so far away I can only see my horse on weekends, it's so close I can see her daily! The fencing is top notch wood board, and no climb horse fencing. It's also a full 20 acres, which is fenced into two 10 acre plots that can be closed off. So, LOTS of roaming and riding room. While there isn't a full 'barn', there IS a nice tack room that is large and can house ALL of my tack, feed, and grooming supplies. Icing on the cake...a nice 60 foot roundpen to work in!!! There are little lean-to shelters on the property (I think I counted 3-4) and some good shade trees while still leaving the land open for grazing. All in all...I'm happy that I was able to find this place, and even given a reason to find this place....I just wish that 'A' was being more civil about the situation...

MaggiStar 09-27-2010 06:44 AM

I think everything happens for a reason and this is the barn you shoudl be at

Quedeme 09-27-2010 07:02 AM

I sure hope so x.x

Thank you for the kind encouragement!

ShutUpJoe 09-27-2010 10:10 AM

Just think Tomorrow you'll be out of there.

Ray MacDonald 09-27-2010 10:30 AM

wow good luck with everything! :)

Ayleena 09-27-2010 03:35 PM

I think its sounds like 'A' is being unreasonable. I think it's a blessing in disguise though, because now you have found a much better place because of it!

Quedeme 09-28-2010 09:03 AM

Time to move her in about an hour!

No matter how many times I move's always a cause of anxiety and excitement lol. Not that she's bad to trailer or anything, hops right up there and every person who's ever moved her says she does's just me...anticipation or something I guess lol.

The Rocking U 09-29-2010 09:10 PM

Sometimes I think some people should be euthanized!

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