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ChingazMyBoy 09-28-2010 06:31 AM


For all those facebook obsessers out their I have a mission!/pages/Scott-Cavanoughs-Mini-Transat-Campaign-2011/117389454985668?ref=ts -.

^^ Like the above page as have a "bet" going with a friend that I can get 300 people to like it by 12 o'clock Saturday night. Thankyou so much if you like it!

ChingazMyBoy 09-28-2010 08:03 AM

A quick video:

For every tenth person to like you get a full song video of you and as many horses as you like created; so post if you like.

ChingazMyBoy 09-29-2010 05:24 PM

*Everyone* who likes it gets a video!

We're up too 157 - we need 300.

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