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Mercury 11-24-2006 08:57 PM

How about the Thoroughbreds!
I'm a TB lover!

Here's my baby! He was never raced, but his sire is Untuttable and his grandsire is Unbridled.

I never registered him since I wasn't planning on racing him and he was a gelding, but this is Mercury.

child in time 12-04-2006 07:04 PM

Is this english thoroughbred?

horseluva215 12-06-2006 02:37 PM

I LOVE thoroughbreds! I think they are one of the most excellent breeds in the world, refined to near-perfection. We have a lot to owe to thoroughbreds, because breeding them into other breeds has helped to make those breeds much better. In my opinion, to get the perfect horse, you should crossbreed one of your favorite breeds with a thoroughbred. That gives you a shot at getting the traits of your favorite breed, and also making the result a taller, faster, sometimes more docile, and overall better horse.
I don't own a thoroughbred yet, but once a have the resources, I plan on becoming a breeder.

sammiwhiskers2k6 12-07-2006 01:30 PM

i used to own a ex racer... if you go onto and type in captain sinbad that was him... then i was going to buy another one... top dam and sire and it stretched a tendon just as i was about 2 buy it!! :( ... gutting

showpony@heart 12-07-2006 11:29 PM

Hi, i think tb's are cool i really want to buy an ex-racer & work it up, i unfortunately can't afford to at the moment!

sparky 12-14-2006 08:55 PM

Hehe, guess i am the odd one out here :lol: I dont particularly like TBs. Wouldn't want to own one, but i love to watch them. They have such power and grace.

kristy 12-14-2006 09:42 PM

I love TB's, one of my favorite breeds. So athletic and are the reason for most improved high endurance breeds. They've traditionally been used to cross-breed athleticism into horses and for a reason.
I do think their heads can sometimes be rather large. I also think that at times, it's hard to keep a nice build and shape in TB bloodlines. It's ironic that I love them for the fact I love thicker built horses. Eh, I think I just truely appreciate them.

I boarded at a barn that had an off the track TB that they kept way too thin. I don't like the standard some people keep that inforce keeping TB's a bit too thin and twiggy. :roll:


Originally Posted by sparky
I dont particularly like TBs. Wouldn't want to own one,

What? Don't you just LOVE their hot temperments?! :wink: (I know some go against the standard and are "calm"- :lol:)

sparky 12-14-2006 10:07 PM


sparky wrote:
I dont particularly like TBs. Wouldn't want to own one,

kristy wrote:
What? Don't you just LOVE their hot temperments?! Wink (I know some go against the standard and are "calm"- :lol:)
hehehehehe. Some can be so calm it's crazy :D

I also must agree with you about people keeping TB's thin and twiggy. I reckon they look a lot nicer when they are filled out, or have a WB build. I don't really like their refinedness.


Heatherino 12-30-2006 04:27 AM

I Love TB's
I love thoroughbred's and wgen i buy a horse i want a thoroughbred but i wont go out of my way to get one just would prefer one they are cool horses i dont have any problems with them!!!

:lol: :D

Cya Heather

barnrat 12-31-2006 09:12 PM

We own a Thoroughbred that we are planning on selling just because we dont have the time to train him. I have jumped on him (boy is he tall when I compare him to the 12 hh pony I usually ride) and he gave me a awesome strided walk and smooth gorgeous trot...the problem came when someone passed ringing a bell (dont know why) :?: ...He went into explosive bucking, and rearing, I was so close to staying on but I ended up getting to heavy in my shoulders and came off, landing on my feet. I was so sore the next day......but I love him, we named him viento (wind in spanish) he is 16 hh and bay.

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