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Redial 09-30-2010 09:25 PM

What are her chances of slipping again?
Ok so I have an 18 year old TBXQHXPerch mare, I've used her for showjumping for 8 years and this year I've moved to an area that doesn't do much of jumping or dressage so she's currently being used at the local RDA (Riding for Disabled Australia) barn that I work at twice weekly and just a general hack out the rest of the week. I put her in foal when she was 15 and she slipped at 3 months. The vet said he'd checked her thoroughly and he thinks it was the stallion that gave her an infection. I didn't try again, but lately I've been thinking that I want a new project horse and I love this mare and have had her forever, I have been offered a service to my friends ClydieXTB stallion, very well bred and gorgeous mover. My dentist says that she has canines which could possibly equate to a hormone imbalance. I've had two vets go over her and they've given her the all clear and say judging by her teats she's had at least one foal before I've owned her since she was 10 almost 11 and know that she didn't have a foal from 8-10 years old but could have easily had one before that. So long story short, what are the chances of her slipping again?

Alaskadraft 10-02-2010 05:30 PM

I would say at her age ...well kinda high. She is old for a draft..

Most draft breeders won't breed their mares after the age of 12. Draft babies are huge and even the crosses are. Why not just purchase another TB/percheron cross? If you breed her to a Clyde/Tb you end up with 1/2 tb, 1/4 percheron and 1/4 clyde...nothing that your mare is..

ANY vet that tells me "thinks she might have had an infection without making sure she is clean today is not a very good vet. Have a culture taken..make sure her uterous is sound to have a foal..might be the reason why she slipped if the embilical won't stay attached...Could be the reason why she was never rebred...Its up to you , but the older the mare the greater chance you take to loose BOTH the mare and foal...Good luck with whatever choice you make..


smrobs 10-05-2010 05:10 PM

I would give a huge no to breeding her. Besides the fact that she is a grade mare, she is old and it would be a huge risk to ask her to carry a foal to full term, especially if she has had trouble in the past.

Redial 10-06-2010 03:34 AM

Yeah I decided not to, I'd hate to lose her and I love her she's the best mare I've ever owned and she means the world to me. I just bought myself an ex trotter gelding, very smart looking, he's my new project horse, I have to break him to saddle....

TrueColours 10-11-2010 08:30 AM

Good decision I think too in not breeding her again ...

With regards to the "slipping" could be many different factors. Uterine infection - and then you do need a culture taken to determine what medication needs to be infused into the saline flush to clear it up or if simple saline will do the trick (if she is just pooling fluid but is clean).

Low progesterone levels (and then she may have had to go on Regumate for XXX to ensure the viability of the foal)

Good luck with your new guy! And post pictures of him when you can

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