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vivache 09-30-2010 11:12 PM

I quit. :|
Some of you may have seen my post about troubles at my new job.

Well, I'm finally biting the bullet and quitting. The final straw came today.

I woke up with a tight, wheezy, nasty cough. My throat hurt. I couldn't breathe. So I called out at 1pm before I was scheduled to come in at 3. My manager lost it. She told me that I'd better not be faking and hung up on me. Kind of immature there. :\

Well, my doctor diagnosed me with the beginnings of bronchitis. He thought I'd be better by Sat, but didn't want me to push it since I work with food. So he wrote me out for 4 days. Because of what happened earlier, we all felt like she was gonna fire me when I got in again.

I see your threat of termination, and raise you a resignation. :|

I never *NEEDED* the income. I have no expenses because I'm living at home while I wait for the spring semester to start college(I am 18). But I want to start saving for a horse, etc. So my paycheck is going into the savings account.

This wasn't the REASON I am quitting, but it sure as crap didn't help. They were bullying me into doing whatever days they wanted me to. I got no breaks. I was trained COMPLETELY differently than everyone else. And the work environment was hostile and it was hard to communicate with management.

There is a local kennel that is hiring weekend part-time. I can deal with THAT kind of ****. ;) Plus my father worked with the manager of Petco, so they promised they'd pull my application as soon as something turned up!

Amba1027 09-30-2010 11:34 PM

I feel your pain. I also work a crap job and am hoping to quit soon for a job with a vet. I've worked kennel before and while the pay wasn't great (I've seen places where it's good, my vet is just cheap) it was a good job. I enjoyed it a lot. I wish I could quit now but I do need my income so I have to wait until I have a new job to quit this one. Good luck with getting a new job and saving for your horse!

vivache 09-30-2010 11:44 PM

What kinds of jobs are usually available at vets for college students? I'd love to be able to put that on my resume, since I'm hopefully going into the medical field.

I had HOPED to have a new job before quitting, but this has kind of put me in the pressure cooker, you know? :\

I'd rather work with REAL dog poo than metaphorical. :P

Amba1027 10-01-2010 12:01 AM

Yes real dog poo is much easier to deal with lol. And I do know what you mean. I got in a fight with a manager a few weeks back and he was threatening to get me fired and I was thinking, please just do it I don't even care anymore.

Kennel worker is probably the easiest to get. As long as you know how to walk a dog you're usually good. I know that some places want more experience so that you can give meds but that still shouldn't be too difficult to get. There's also receptionist. The amount of work involved varies from place to place. Some places will just have you answering phones, taking appointments, etc but others might want a little more animal care with it. The place I am looking to work at kind of wants a kennel/ receptionist type of thing. Depending on your experience with animals and where you go, you might be able to get a vet tech job. If I had stayed at my old kennel job I could've been promoted to tech if I wanted. But I'm not big on gaping wounds and animals getting cut open so I passed on that one. I'll take care of them after they are all stitched up. You might want to take a look on craigslist for vet jobs. My friend looked it up for me and came up with quite a few jobs for me to apply to so it might be good to check out.

vivache 10-01-2010 12:29 AM

I've had a bunch of experience with animals.. I've dog-sat, I own cats, and I've had a ZOO of small animals. I've had to medicate, clip claws, etc. on each one of them. I can single-handedly medicate a wriggly, angry sick gerbil and its babies without being bitten. I can deal with blood fine. Animal excrement, etc. doesn't bother me NEARLY as much as human. Like, I'll muck a jillion stalls, take care of nasty litter boxes.. but when the bathrooms at Dunkin Donuts were NASTY(drunk people.. 24hr store), I gagged. I think it's the whole 'It's OK for them to poo there because they're animals and need us to take care of them.'

Amba1027 10-01-2010 12:38 AM

Yeah I hear ya. Some how stepping in horse/dog poo is a whole lot less nasty than stepping in people poo (not that I've ever done it but just thinking about it... ugh).

I would say you are qualified for any of the jobs I listed. You'll have to check out places near you that are hiring though because some people do want training for their techs. I always remember hearing people say they were going to school to be techs and I thought, why? My vet didn't require schooling, as long as you have the right amount of animal experience they were willing to train you on the rest. Anyway it seems like you could have your pick of vet jobs. Let us know if you find something!

my2geldings 10-01-2010 11:38 AM

What a horrible working environment. If anyone even attempted to treat me like that, I would tell them to shuve it you know where and walk right out! that is completely inappropriate on their part! No work position is worth being verbally abused like that. Good for you for leaving. I have no doubt in my mind you will find another position that pays the same if not better and you won't have to deal with those crazies. You poor thing-no one needs to suffer through that.

TaMMa89 10-01-2010 12:00 PM

Ohh... I see why you quitted. Sounds horrible!

Good luck with searching a new job.

vivache 10-01-2010 02:15 PM

My mom picked up an application for me at the kennel across from her work. I am so excited. $10 an hour to take care of cats? I do that at home for free! I've had to wipe my poor fat cat's butt because she can't clean herself.. give her medication.. I've had to put flea meds on both cats plus ear mite treatment and dewormers..

I'll get mostly part-time with some full-time hours, and work every other weekend. Not bad, huh?

Amba1027 10-01-2010 04:45 PM

That sounds perfect. I hope you get it!

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