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Wallaby 09-30-2010 11:53 PM

So, basically I was wondering what might cause a horse to suddenly begin sweating like crazy, over a period of 5 months or so, when she's worked hard when she never did before...

My theory is that maybe since Lacey was SO obese for who knows how many years before I got her, that maybe her sweat glands got messed up and now that she's in great shape and has been for 1 1/2 years her sweat glands have begun to heal? Is that even plausible?

I'm just wondering cuz in the first year or so that I had her, I never ever saw her sweat a drop, even when it was really hot out and she was working hard. Then, last spring she started getting a little sweaty here and there when she was worked and I didn't think much of it. Over the summer she gradually began sweating more. Then recently, (it's been warm, mid-70's to 80's, and she already has an average horse's winter coat going on) she's started sweating like crazy. Like today, after running around for maybe 30 minutes in 75 degree heat, she literally had sweat running down her legs (her horse buddies were trailered off by their owners and she was a little upset, to put it mildly :lol: ) and her chest, neck, shoulders, butt, ears, face, basically everything that could sweat, was sweating. She is kinda chubby right now so that probably has something to do with it... I took care of it and took her for an hour long hand walk to cool her out and calm her down, then I hosed her off and she was totally fine from then on out. But is that kind of sweating normal?

I'm happy that she is sweating now cuz that was really worrisome back when she "didn't" sweat, but how much she's sweating now is also a little worrisome... She wasn't acting fatigued in the least (just in that relieved, "thank goodness that energy is gone now!" way that high energy animals have sometimes) and according to the neck pinch test thingy, she wasn't dehydrated either...

Tell me this is normal? :)

BarrelracingArabian 10-01-2010 12:44 AM

where i am its in the high 90s with some humidity or low 100s and our arabs (all but 1 of my friends ride them) all sweat prettyg ood after a good workout even the 1 gelding trigger who is in the best shape of them all sweats a ton! so i wouldn't worry about it too much

SorrelHorse 10-01-2010 01:01 AM

Creepy, I'm having that same problem. o.o

I don't think it's much to worry about, so long as she's not dehydrating. Mine hasn't fallen over dead yet - So I say that's a vote in good favor.

reining girl 10-01-2010 01:24 AM

Im wondering if its this weard weather were having. I live in cental oregon, which is basically a desert (were also called the high desert) and were in the mid 80's during they day, but at night were getting down into the low 30's sometimes lower. So the poor horses are growing winter coats, but then start shedding them during the day. Wallaby, she is probably sweating more because she has that winter coat???? i dotn know, just a guess lol

Wallaby 10-01-2010 01:41 AM

I'm sure part of it is that she's a furry beast! That horse, she gets SO furry for absolutely no reason. I fear to think of what she might look like if she lived in Canada or something! Hahahaha

Well, I'm glad to hear that other people are having weird sweating issues! Obviously, not happy that we're having them but happy that it's not just my little old lady. :)


heart2heartequestrian 10-01-2010 03:50 AM

I live in northern California right near the water. my horses are both in good shape but will sweat from even 10 mins of riding in 75 degree weather. They are used to a cooler climate. It is about 60 year round. we have a few hot days in the summer and a few really cold days in the winter. It almost never gets past 100 and it never snows. so the climate that they are adapted to will have some effect.
Also horses and animals in general sweat due to pain or anxiety. They also have a good way of hiding both, especially when a mutual bond and feeling of respect is in place. If they accept you as their pack leader then they are unlikely to show any symptoms that would show weakness and could get them disowned from their pack. That's basic pack animal psychology. So maybe spend some time checking her out. Maybe the saddle pinches just a little, maybe the saddle pad is binding or rubbing, maybe she has a sore spot or stone bruise, check around the cinch area. maybe a buckle or roller or something is rubbing in a tender spot. Ring bone arthritis is subtle and will cause discomfort and sweating when worked. And if that is not the case then look into anxiety, is there something that may cause anxiety? Is their a part of your routine which may cause some mental discomfort and the sweating is a way of coping while still working? And if all else is ruled out, probably a nutritional deficiency. Replacing electrolytes or adding magnesium and bone meal to the diet could reduce nutritional based anxiety. My rescue mare has a some very mild arthritis as well as some anxiety about going through gates which will trigger sweating often. hope this helps.

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