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mbender 10-01-2010 12:10 PM

Where do I belong?
I've been watching my yearling filly everyday now and her status is changing. Well, she wants it to. She has started to pin her ears back at the other lower ranking mares. She really doesnt get very far as they make her move anyway. But she's smart. She stands by the "Queen" and does that. The lower girls (Have) to move then. What a confidence booster for my filly. I am pretty sure she knows what she is doing. Most of the time the "Queen" backs her up by chasing the others away. She will also move the filly when she needs to but allows her only to eat with her. This is not her baby, actually the fillies mom is way up north. But the filly must have some dominance in her that she feels that confident to start pinning her ears back at the lower ones. I've been through this before and my other filly ended up trying this on me. She didnt get too far so I am waiting for this one to try it on me. I'll shut her down! They must just go through this at some point in growing up. Trying to figure out where she belongs in the herd. In ways I am glad that she will be hopefully up on the totem pole. I know then she will get the better places to stand,eat, drink and all. I wont have to worry too much about her. In other ways I am not sure about the future. I probably will have to knock her down a peg or two with me, which is fine. I love her and I love to watch her try and be a big girl. She can wear pullups now! :-PAnyone see this in their babies?

kitten_Val 10-01-2010 01:09 PM

When I got my qh as a yearling she established herself as an alpha mare in herd of 5 in may be a month or 2. Weird, I know, but she has that (generally) passive bossy personality and was very insistent in what she wanted to achieve. When I got yearling paint 6 months later they got together really nicely, so she was hiding behind the qh in different situations.

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