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ShutUpJoe 10-01-2010 11:37 PM

Some rescues ::shakes head::
I know I can't say much...but I just wanted to rant a little.

Last month I saw a very adorable dog on craigslist.

This is the original ad:

This is Winston, he is a 6 month old corgi cairn terrier mix..He is truly a wonderful dog. He is 101% house trained, GREAT with other dogs, cats and LOVES children. The only reason i am having to re-home this guy is because he has SOOO much energy and we just don't have the room for him to run. I love this dog so much but this is best for him. He needs to go to a home with a [[fenced in]] yard where he can run. Or is you have the time to take him to the park, that would be fine too. I got him from a lady off here in July for $180 but i am only asking a $70 re-homing fee to ensure he gets the loving family he deserves. . Thanks and God bless :)

I fell in love with him the first time I saw him. Talked it over with my husband and after getting the ok went and picked him up. He looked nothing like that picture when I got him, btw. Well for the first day all he did was lay around acting rather depressed. I was worried and took him to the vet to make sure nothing was wrong. Nothing was so I just let him work his way out of the funk.

A couple days later I went to feed the dogs and he went after my old dog (the one I recently put to sleep due to health issues). So after that I separated him away from everyone when he was fed. Notice how the ad above said that he is GREAT with other dogs. I decided that I would work with him slowly until he was ok with the others being around him while he ate. Not only would I have to work on his food aggression I would have to work on potty training to because he was NOT housebroke. Not only did he pee and poop in the house he chewed up everything in his reach. So to the crate he went. Notice how the ad says that he is 101% house trained, which to me includes not chewing on things. It wasn't really a big deal, I've had puppies before and I was willing to work on this.

The next day my one year old had some crackers I had given him in the yard. Winston stole one from him and the baby tried to pick it up. I was standing right there reaching over to pick the baby up and heard him growl. So from then on I was careful to watch what he did and never left him alone with the kids, not even for a second. But to me that growl was strike one. Notice how the ad says that he LOVES children.

Then Winston started to find ways to get out of the yard. It was obvious he was in now way afraid of the horses and went underneath their feet repeatedly, scarring me in the process. So after we put board along the fence so he couldn't escape he learned how to jump through the fence. Clever, to say the least. I also learned that he was not good with cats. He was fine until the cat started to walk away from him then he would attack him. Which ended up in fur flying scuffles. Notice the ad says he was good with cats.

A few days after that Winston lay down on one of my one year old's toys beside my feet on the floor. The baby came over and innocently tried to get the toy from under the dog. Before I could grab the baby Winston, very quickly, bite him in the face. It didn't draw blood but did leave a nice bruise. That was the deal breaker. My husband was adamant that he go. Which I understand. Sure he can be taught to not do that but in the meantime I can't risk my child being injured. I felt VERY bad about making that decision as I don't like to see a dog get passed around. I get dogs to keep (like the dog I just had PTS who was 14 years old and I had her since she was 8 weeks old). So I decided to place him in a rescue who could place him in the best home possible. They would also be able to give him the time and training that he needed.

After talking with the lady at the Corgi rescue I told her my concerns. She told me that Winston would be placed in a foster home until his problems were taken care of. I was pretty happy about that. She came and got him last week. I lost out on the $70 I paid for him and the vet costs but I was okay with that because I knew he would do better in a different home.

Well.... I went and looked at the rescues site today.

Here he is

Winston is a cutie! He is the cutest corgi mix I have ever seen. He is a little nippy, but only puppy play nips. He could really use a training class, and you would soon see he would be in the top of his class as he is also very smart. I wouldn't recommend him to a home with small children, but if they are over at least eight yrs. he would do just fine.

About Winston

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: $275
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut with White
  • Current Size: 18 Pounds
  • Potential Size: 22 Pounds
  • Current Age: 5 Months 29 Days (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: No
More about Winston

Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Kids

First I'd like to note that those are my pictures that I sent her, that is my kitchen floor. Second I'd like to say that the bite to my son's face was NOT A NIP! I know the difference between a nip and a bite. I do not like that she didn't put in his food aggression to other dogs or the fact that he has attacked my cat (I even showed her the marks). I really like the turn around $275 adoption fee.... after only having the dog for a week.

Anyways, end of my little rant.

corinowalk 10-01-2010 11:55 PM

I would send them a letter and thank them for taking the little heathen off your hands...and then I would let it rip. I understand that shelters need to make money off of a few dogs in order to stay in business. No one minds you making a FEW dollars! But sheesh!

Not to mention that someone is going to think that this dog just needs training. He sounds aggressive! Towards everything! You are a better person than me. I know that dogs need good homes too but the second pookie bit my son...and attacked another dog...and my cat...he would have been on a one way trip to the vets. Sounds cruel. Thats just the way I feel about aggressive animals though.

ShutUpJoe 10-02-2010 12:02 AM

I normally am that way. I just thought if he went to someone who didn't have children or cats he'd be fine. He was fine with other dogs except when they came near his food, although he did think the other dogs should share theirs.

Maybe it was just him being here? My kids are really good with dogs so I don't think it is anything they did. The people I got him from said he did really good with their kids but I think that is because they were "his kids". He came into a new situation and wasn't capable of handling it.

corinowalk 10-02-2010 12:09 AM

Well hopefully they are a good rescue and will take him back if his behaviour persists with the next home. We got 2 dogs in a row like this from our local shelter. The first dog immediatly peed on my sons crib and showed his teeth at my then 7 month old son. He went back the same day. I am not a quitter when it comes to my animals...but my children come first. The second took a few days to become a mess. They were 1 year old dogs from the same litter. It was a bad situation as the second dog actually bit my son on the hand when he went to innocently pet him. I was holding my sons hand and he still got his little fingers. Drew blood. We gave up on dogs for a while after that. Not to mention niether of the dogs were good with my sweet old trusty. He has always been at the way bottom of the pecking order and both of them immediatly went straight to bullying him. After the second dog, we agreed there would be no other dogs until Trusty had passed.

ShutUpJoe 10-02-2010 12:14 AM

We're thinking of either buying from a well known breeder or getting a puppy from a shelter. I've always wanted a Doberman but our insurance won't cover us with one. So either a Great Dane or a mutt.

Our Golden Retriever came from the shelter and he is a great dog. The reason we got him was because when we brought him out of the cage to look at him we got to throw him a ball and he would purposefully avoid knocking over the kids. All I know is I'm not getting another dog off craigslist.

Ladytrails 10-02-2010 12:50 AM


Originally Posted by ShutUpJoe (Post 768401)
Maybe it was just him being here? My kids are really good with dogs so I don't think it is anything they did. The people I got him from said he did really good with their kids but I think that is because they were "his kids". He came into a new situation and wasn't capable of handling it.

I think there are dogs, like Joe's above, that are just naturally gentle/good with kids and there are some that are not. Sometimes it's maybe a socialization issue, but I think sometimes it's just the personality of the dog. We had 2 Corgis when our kids were growing up. They were always very tolerant of kids, but they were rescues and hadn't been socialized well with other dogs or people, either, so it wasn't something they 'learned'. Once, a friend's little kid patted the dog ON HER EYEBALLS when we weren't close enough to grab hands, and the dog waited until the child stopped and then just turned away and then slinked out of the room. Never offered to even growl.

Spastic_Dove 10-02-2010 12:55 AM

$275 for a un house broke nippy aggressive dog? You've got to be kidding me.

I thought I paid a lot for my anxiety ridden mutt ($150) but that is just ludicrous to me.

ShutUpJoe 10-02-2010 01:23 AM

I agree. That is a lot of money for a dog period. But it's too late for me to do anything about it now. I did send her an e-mail telling her she should really warn potential adopters of what I told her. I think rescues should be as honest as possible so that the dogs don't get returned. But I'm kind of thinking she's more after the money than finding him a great home.... Which is why she used the pictures I sent her instead of the ones she could take?

mliponoga 10-02-2010 03:04 AM

Wow, that's ridiculous! I really like their guess too of 5 months and 29 days. Hell, I'd ask for the dog back and find him a new rescue. Rescues have just become another way for people to make money. They take these animals that truly need work or healthcare and they flip them to make a buck.

And on the note of a doberman, why don't you look into a German Pinscher or Miniature Pinscher?? We're looking at a Min Pin right now that weighs 20 lbs.

maura 10-02-2010 06:18 AM


I have had a few very, very bad experiences with rescues. The worst was the one who adopted out a dog to my sister and didn't disclose that the dog's bladder nerve had been damaged during spaying and the dog was incontinent.

My sister spend $$$ on a dog walker, training class and vet fees before finding the problem. And that wasn't the only misrepresentation. After my sister made the agonizing decision to return the dog, the rescue adopted it out again without disclosing the bladder problem. (The new adoptees contacted the vet for the dog's previous vet records after having the dog 6 weeks.)

My best friend adopted a dog from a rescue that was represented as kid, cat and other dog safe and she ended up having it PTS because not only was it extremely agressive to all three, it was an escape artist and could not be kept in her yard. After a completely unprovoked attack on a leashed dog, she had had enough.

The sad thing is I am looking for a dog right now (my lab died in June) and I've done my time looking at the craigslist crazies and I just can't bring myself to submit an application to a rescue. I really want to adopt a 2 - 3 year old dog.

I don't know what the answer is; sadly, I don't think your experience is that uncommon.

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