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mliponoga 10-02-2010 03:59 AM

How is her breeding? QH Filly
We picked up Ava a couple weekends ago and I know she has halfway decent breeding, but just wondering if anyone knows what she's best bred for and if it is actually decent breeding. Thanks!!

Sire's Pedigree: Peppy Doc Fancy Bar Quarter Horse

Dam's Pedigree: Tiptones Yellow King Quarter Horse

From my experience it looks like dad's got a decent pedigree and mom was just some random AQHA mare, but I could be wrong, I don't know a ton about bloodlines, I just recognize Doc Bar and Peppy San Badger.

Zeke 10-02-2010 04:17 AM

She has Skip Tie Bar in both mom and dads pedigree. I'm not familiar with the horse or an expert with pedigrees but that is something I noticed.
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mliponoga 10-02-2010 04:27 AM

That's referred to as linebreeding which is very common in the horse breeding world. Here's some information on that...


LINEBREEDING: the most conservative form of inbreeding, is usually associated with slower improvement and limited risk of producing undesirable individuals. It can involve matings between closely or distantly related horses, but it does not emphasize continuous sire-daughter, dam-son, or brother-sister matings. The main purpose of linebreeding is to transmit a large percentage of one outstanding ancestor's genes from generation to generation without causing an increase in the frequency of undesirable traits often associated with inbreeding.

Because linebreeding is not based strictly on mating closely related individuals (with very similar gene types), it does not necessarily cause a rapid increase in homozygous gene pairs. Consequently, it will not expose undesirable recessive genes as extensively as closebreeding. For this reason, linebreeding is generally a safer inbreeding program for most breeders.

Intensive inbreeding (and resulting increased homozygosity) is often directly related to an increase in the expression of many undesirable traits. Therefore, the linebreeder should carefully study pedigrees for each prospective mating and determine if, and how closely, the mare and stallion are related. By following certain guidelines, the breeder can limit inbreeding (and, therefore, homozygosity) within their herd. At the same time, they may increase the influence of a common ancestor upon the entire strain or family.

nrhareiner 10-02-2010 10:45 AM

Sire has some nice breeding top side but his bottom side is a bit weaker. The mares side is quite weak. King Glo a few generations back is about it really. Doe not mean she will not be a nice filly but not a lot to wright home about. Will come down to conformation and such as to what she will be good at. She has breeding that would lend itself to reining cow horse type events. Probably not a high level but might make a nice weekend affiliate green rookie horse with the right training.

shesinthebarn 10-02-2010 11:28 AM

I like the top side quite a lot. The bottom side is sort of scattered. She might do well with reining in lower levels, or make a nice pattern horse or even all - around for club shows. Love to see pics!

mliponoga 10-02-2010 01:14 PM

Thanks!! Sounds like she will do good for what we want her for which is basically low-level reined cow horse. I found a picture of her dam last night and wasn't too impressed. Hope she pulls more from her dad's side as she matures. Never understood why people bred a nice sire to a mare like that...Here are some pictures:

mliponoga 10-02-2010 01:16 PM

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The first picture here is of her mom, the rest are her siblings from the paternal side.

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