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Kay26 10-02-2010 04:31 PM

Feeding chamomile flowers
So my boy is a tb and has some of the typical tb characteristics, he is quite flightly and easily spooked/upset but small changes such as a something moving place on the yard etc and often gets stressed from noises etc but over the years he has calmed and when i'm handing him because i'm used to him and know what upsets him we don't have any major issues very often but i still feel he gets upset easily.

I tried feeding a specialised tb calmer but found not much difference in him so i gave up on that but i've read alot recently about natural remedies & dried herbs. I've ordered some dried chamomile flowers of a natural remedy website for horses/animals if any one is interested. I'm skeptical but willing to try and see if it maybe helps him as it's properties and said to "calm horses, ease tension, stress and restlessness" which pretty much ticks all the boxes.

So i'm just wondering if anyone has tried feeding chamomile and if they have noticed a difference at all ?

I'm also undecided how to feed it the options are :

A tea is made by adding 4 dessertspoons of flowers to 1 litre boiling water and this is left to steep until cool.

This can be split in half and used (flowers and all) to dampen down the horses feeds morning and evening.

Alternatively the whole flowers can be fed directly to the horse at a dosage rate of 1/2 cup per feed.

The above is off of a herbal treatments for horses website.

Any input about the use of chamomile would be useful.


Maverick101 10-02-2010 11:33 PM

I use Chamomile flowers and do find it to work.

I have never heard of the Tea recipe you posted....found that interesting, I may have to try that just to see. It sounds a bit more of a lengthy process then just throwing in the flowers though.

I don't do half a cup.....I feed 2/day a handful each feeding along w their regular grain ration, so if I were to wager a guess, me more like a 1/4 cup a feeding at the most.

I use it for my one mare who is much like the TB you describe...even though she is a WB, she is quite TB like in her characteristics....(gets that from her TB mom I suppose lol)

I also use it when when I know the horses may come into a stressful situation, such as at the show grounds. It just helps take the edge off.

Another herb you can use is lavender, it is said to do the same things as chamomile....I just find it is harder to get a hold of like the chamomile flowers

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