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CDSRanch 10-02-2010 07:12 PM

Re-designing the place
Hey HF! I'm currently laying plans on re-designing/organizing my facilities. Since I live in SoCal we use a lot of pipe corrals and mare motel style buildings (thank goodness!) What I am looking for is peoples opinions. What would you want at your ideal boarding facility? Let me know (and pictures are always great.



Ray MacDonald 10-02-2010 08:11 PM

Lots of space... and organized. and have some color. I'll probably have more It's just kinda late right now lol.

starlinestables 10-05-2010 11:18 AM

I've asked similar questions and the answers I get are first impressions mean everything... New paint, nicely mowed, add a little bit of fresh landscaping, welcome signs.

WWA 10-05-2010 01:16 PM

To me, a boarding place has to have safe fencing in good condition, clean paddocks (regular mucking), not overgrazed pastures... and just and overall clean and friendly/warm appearence.

We bought a run down place last year and have been working hard on all those 'tasks' but it's starting to come together.
Do you have any photos of your place? Maybe if we saw picture we could let you know better what would need some attention ;)

dressagebelle 10-05-2010 03:16 PM

Automatic waterers, especially being in So Cal. A wash rack made out of concrete with mats so the horses legs stay clean and they aren't standing in mud after being bathed. The stalls neat and cleaned with no trash or debris around. If possible, a perimeter fence and gates so that if a horse happens to get out, they can't run into the road. Easy access to the tack room, arena ect. And wide enough isle ways that horses can safely walk between the stalls and not get bitten. "Permanent" stall cards so owners can put info on their horse and contact info to make it easier to get a hold of them if there's a problem. Pipe corrals in good condition, no rust, no soldering places starting to fall apart. No sharp edges, the bolts covered or moved so the horses can't catch themselves. Check inside the feeders too, as that is where my horse caught his eye lid, and narrowly missed losing his eye. Feeders in good shape, if they start rusting through the bottom, replace them. With that, if people put salt blocks in the stall, put them either in a separate bucket, or get those plastic salt block containers. If I come up with more I'll post again. This is just off the top of my head issues I've had with places I've been.

CDSRanch 10-05-2010 05:07 PM

I love all the ideas so far.

Starline & WWA ~ I would post pics but its not changing the place how it stands now it's a total redesign. Moving pasture areas, moving stalls, new arenas etc.

dressagebelle ~ I would agreed with all your ideas EXCEPT the auto waterers. I HATE them! I boarded at a facility once where the horses hadn't been trained/shown how to drink out of them so they never drank out of them (fear of the sound or feeling I suppose) and were totally dehydrated. The waterers often were broken by horses and the pipes would freeze and crack during the winter and leak like crazy during the spring and summer. I also don't use metal feeders I like the plastic barrel style ones ( with the pipe guard insert ) metal feeders are a danger IMO,sharp corners,rust dammage, etc.

Ray ~ I totally agree a roomy organized feel is always a wonderful feeling.

I currently have 15acres to work with. (resonably flat or going to be flattened)

I am planning on a 100x200' arena ( I'm thinking of putting in a smaller one for lessons), 3 100x50' paddock/pastures (seeded timothy/orchard and 2
6x24' 3 side shelters in each), a 60' round pen with tornado (angled out at the top) walls, a 30' round pen for the minis and "sale pictures" also with tornado walls, 8 12x24' pipe stalls with 12x12 2 wall shelters ( I could of course double this if I went 12x12' stalls but I hate how cramped it feels especially when people dont work their horses or want them turned out.) I want to put in a trailer parking area. I have a hay barn, tack barn and office all separate. I want to make "lockers" in the tack room for personal tack (what size would you all recommend?) the tack room also has the "community tack" storage area(for the lesson/lease horses) I have two medium/large sized wooded pastures I plan on seeding. they are for the day turn outs. Theyre well fanced and the fence line is checked everyday. What are other things you as boarders/trainers etc would like to see at a facility?

countmystrides 10-05-2010 05:16 PM

automatic waterers are also a hassle because you never know how much water your horse is drinking. It's always good to keep a watch that your horse is drinking a regular amount and remaining hydrated.

When i look for a facility i like the clean white fencing, it gives off a vibe that the facility is oraganized and maintained. I also like run in sheds in large, well placed pastures. It's extra points if you match your barn to your run in sheds. It looks very sharp ;). The barn should have a concrete walk way with space and properly placed cross ties in the isle, a seperate tack room (with lockers for each rider) and grain room with doors to prevent rats from entering. A wash stall with heated water (for the colder days) and a nice spacey riding ring with decent footing. Maybe even an indoor? Lots of landscaping and welcome signs.. possibly an indoor. ;)

That's my ideal barn.

Ray MacDonald 10-05-2010 05:21 PM

Wow! that sounds pretty nice! I'll creep the internet see if I can find anything.

CDSRanch 10-05-2010 05:40 PM

countmystrides ~ You are abo****ely, totally, 100% correct with the water intake. So important here in dry dusty SoCal. I do like the look of the white vynal fencing but I've seen SO many accidents happen when a horse (or vehicle) slams into it full tilt. I definately agree with everything matching. Nothing worse than a scrap quilt look at a "professional" business.

Thats another point of contension I suppose: Cross ties in the isle. Any opinions? ( I don't want to keep interjecting mine because then it looks like I really dont want your opinions/help/ideas) So what does the population of HF think?

I plan on installing separte cross tie areas, "hitch posts", and patience poles (very handy item IMO).

In redards to a wash rack any personal opinions on footing? Obviusly not dirt (defeats the purpose of bathing :lol:). Gravel? gravel or rought topped cement? Rubber matted cement? rubber matted gravel?

A heated water wash rack is in my dreams right now. My whole place is run on solar, wind and a propane back up generator. No hookup to the grid. :D Untill I can figure out a solar or wind powered water heater or make propane safe around horses and hay I'm out of options :-(

keep these brilliant ideas flowing :clap:Always eagar for more input.

Beau Baby 10-05-2010 06:01 PM

alright so please don't put cross-ties in the alleys, have a seperate space, like a cross-tie stall because if its in the alley nobody will be able to get past whoevers cross-tied their horse.

in regards to a was rack. the last barn I was at had rubber floors. I never used that wash rack as I didn't board there but it seemed good. The place i'm at now has cement and we've never had a horse get hurt in it.

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