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Kay26 10-04-2010 10:54 AM

Kissing spines- I had a sucess story wondering about others.
Well my boy was diagnosed with kissing spines about 6 years ago, it was before i had him, he started rearing, and going insane when he was tacked up and someone tried to get on him, and he is a very sweet horse so his previous owner knew something must be seriously wrong. He had the opperation, and though i don't know the exact details he made a full recovery. When i phoned to inquire about him when i seen him advertised that fact that he has the opp was made clear to me straight away, and it did put me off i still when to see him. I looked some other horses none stuck out as much as him so i phone the vet i had used with my old loan horse who had bone spavin and had been very good and he too made a full recovery and is out competeing with him new owner. My vet said that they didn't think it would affect what i wanted to do with him and should have any new problems with it if it has recovered as i was told. He was fully vetted and the vet told me i looked good and for hacking and unaffiliated jumping he would be perfectly capable. I went back and jumped him and had him in a week. I did get him for a discounted price as he has been out of work (not opperation related) and probally because of the back opp too. So i've had him 3 years and never had any problems, i've had his back check since just for piece of mind when he was acting up but it was saddle related not back and bar being warying of being mounted and doing abit of running while you were still trying to swing your leg over at the start (due to anticipating pain still) he has been fine and ditched the habbit he now stands like a gem. I had heard of alot of horsing being pts with kissing spines etc so i was just wondering if anyone has had any experience or any similar stories just for my general interest. Kay

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