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JekkaLynn 10-04-2010 05:11 PM

Ever Felt a Special Conection With a Horse On Your First Ride?
The first time I rode my friends pony was love at first sight. Well for me anyways. The pony bit, kicked, sidestepped tried to run out of her stall while I brushed and tacked her up but once I was on her back for a few minutes she settled down. It was my third time on a horse and they didn't have a saddle that fit the pony so they put me on bareback. Then I grabbed the reigns only to discover one was so thin that I didn't think it would last the ride and the the other was gone and had been replaced with a 6 foot long, inch and a half thick fuzzy purple leadrope. It went from the ponies bridal to my hands, was tied to the reign, and then draped over my leg and hung down to within 3 inches of the ground.
We started riding and spent two hours riding through fields, over hills, down roads, across ditches and over puddles. Walk, trot, canter, and gallop, mostly gallop. This pony bucked a bit at first when vehicles paseed until I gave her her head and only touched the reigns to turn her and then only very gently touching the reign I wanted her to turn towards. Several times she did a rear and spin to follow the other horse a 17 hand QH/TB cross. She was tiny a little welsh cross not even half his size and would have kept up with him the whole time but twice I flew off when she reared and spun and both times she stopped dead and waited watching me until I dusted myself off, climbed back on and said. 'Okay, lets go" Before taking off with a rear and leap straight into the gallop to catch up to my friend and her horse.
When we returned to my friends house her parents waved through the window until they recognized me on the pony. Then they came out and started screaming at their daughter for letting someone ride 'THAT THING!!!' As they had dubbed her. They started asking if I was alright or if they should take me home or call my parents to pick me up since I obviously wouldn't be in any shape to ride my bike the 5 minutes it took to ride home. All the while they where alternating between concern for me, yelling at their daughter, and trying to sound calm while strongly hinting I should get off the pony before I got my neck broke.
It seems that until that day noone had EVER managed to ride the pony without the thing spending every second of the ride trying to throw them off, lay and roll onto them, and scrape them off on trees or against fences. When they did end up on the ground a few hours had to be spent capturing the pony who always galloped for the nearest horse and evaded all attepts from people to grab her by dodging, ducking, kicking, and biting. When her parents found out that in two hours I had only been unseated twice and both times the pony had stopped and waited even though the other horse was galloping away she became mine for the duration of the time I was small enough to ride her.
When my friend got her she just jumped onto her and kept getting dumped. She had other friends try and they all got dumped until I started riding her.
Turns out she was never trained. Someone had tried to break her for their grandkids and when she didn't listen they beat her instead. They must have hit her with anything they could reach. She was scared of anything from crops, to hoses, to buckets, to brooms. Anything someone in a horse barn could grab and swing. Unless you moved it very slowly and kept it below your waist she would start to tremble. If raised and moved towards her she would roll her eyes back until only whites showed and would actually crouch down trembling in terror. It took years to be able to go near her with anything in your hand, even a lead rope.
When I started riding her I was new to riding and didn't know what to do. I had pointed her after the horse ahead of me and leaned into turns and moved my hand towards where I wanted to go without thinking about it or putting on the reign. I was leaning forwards when I saw the other horse take off so that I wouldn't get left behind when she broke into a gollop or if she reared a bit to take off. I was leaning back when the horses slowed down so that I wouldn't be bounced over her head by a sudden stop or slow down. One day after not having been out to ride her for a long time because of school, work, bad weather, bad health and multiple other reasons and having taken lessons at a barn and learned about riding I got on her and we went for a ride. This time I was in the lead and had ridden for an hour before realizing that she was doing exactly what I wanted her to do when I wanted her to do it.
I found out a while later that they had stopped putting people on her because she was to crazy and unpredictable.
They gave her a year off then sent her to be used as a leadline pony at Pony Club because that was all they thought she was safe for. When a new girl joined and didn't have a pony the leader on a hunch after having had the pony in her barn for a couple weeks put her onto the pony and we all watched the pony walk, trot, and canter around the areana.
She had never given in to anyone else the way she did me until this younger girl used her for pony club. At first I couldn't figure out why she had instantly taken to her. Then I sat back and took in the long brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin, and slight build of the rider and realized she looked just like I did when I started riding her. She also had the same way of letting the horses mouth be unless you had to tell them to turn. If you got to a corner and leaned she usually took it perfectly without you touching the reigns. Leaning back meant slow down, leaning for wards meant go faster. Slight leg aids and opening your reign and she would follow it and turn without any preassure ever touching her mouth.

*Sigh* Some day I want to buy that pony and teach her to drive. And let her be retired out in my field but until I get my own place I just constantly remind my friend that she isn't allowed to sell her without giving me a chance to buy her first and I wait till I get my own farm and can bring her home.

((Not really related but someday I want to sit down and write a book and so I try to practice whenever I have to write down a story for something. So I'm just wondering does what I wrote flow together well? Are there alot of obvious spelling or grammer mistakes? I'm slightly dyslexic and have a really hard time catching those things. Did I over explain things? It's just that it has suddenly occured to me that the way my pregnancy if progressing i'll probably end up on bed rest in another few weeks because i'm only 4 months pregnant, have lost 30 pounds since getting pregnant, faint a lot and my bad hip keeps giving out under me when I go to stand and is noticeably swollen all the time. Since i'll be bored anyways i'm thinking of working more on my writing to hold off the boredom))

Eolith 10-05-2010 07:10 PM

Whoa... quite an essay that you've written.

To answer your question about special connections, I'll put it this way: I love just about any horse I get on at first sight because I'm just that obsessed with them. So if you were to ask whether I was in love with my pony the first time I got on her, the answer is yes. If you asked whether I was in love with my first ever lesson horse after my first ever lesson: yes! If you asked whether I love the horses that my trainer asks me to ride for her after riding them the first time... the answer is almost always a YES! I bond instantly with just about any horse I get on.

In terms of your writing style, there is quite a bit that could be improved upon. I find that the text is in much too large chunks... and there isn't a high level of organization. Honestly I wasn't able to sit and read it word for word because it was just that choppy. I wound up skimming mostly.

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