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TexasBlaze 10-05-2010 08:58 PM

Wanting to "Finish" My Gelding
Ive got a sorrel spanish mustang/tennessee walking gelding that i have had for 7 years. He has always been my walk/trot horse until i actually began taking lessons on my brothers paint mare. My gelding was really crudely trained. He didnt understand foot pressure and was VERY rude, childish, and heavy mouthed. I did a rodeo queens contest on my brothers mare and after my dad saw me competing he decided to send my 600$ horse to the trainer and pay more than we paid for him to get him to lope. I have gotten him back now and i want to continue his teaching and "finish" him. He knows how to lunge, walk, trot, lope, pick up left leads, goes okay with leg pressure, he plow reins, and he's got an okay stop if i apply heavy pressure on the reins. I really just want to make him worth more than my brother "who tells me he isnt worth the feed i feed him" will ever believe he is worth.

He is my drill horse for this year and i kinda just want him to be more efficient for me. I would like him to pick up both leads, do flying lead changes, side passes, two track to both sides, back up well, stop fast and hard, pivot, neck rein, and i want to be able to make him extend his trots. I know its a lot to ask but im mainly just asking what order i need to teach him in and how to teach him these things

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