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Rachluvshorses4eva 03-05-2008 09:32 PM

Why do I have to be sick NOW?!
Hey everyone,
Over the past 5 days, I have been really sick. Yesterday and today are my coughing days. But it gets worse. Since I have Asthma, I have trouble breathing at my coughing stage of colds/sickness etc. I have really deep wheezing and I can't breathe properly. I go on my Ventilator machine and that helps me breathe for about 40 minutes-2hours! It supposed to last 3 hours. Then I got really bad because I was tired because I stayed up from quarter to 3 to 6 am! I had pains everywhere, headache, hot and cold flushes, really bad coughs and felt like c***. (Sorry for swearing :x ). We went to the Doctors and waited about 1 1/2-2 hours before the doctor called my name. I had a chest infection, which I always do when I get colds. They gave me antibiotics, tablet form and a new snazzy preventer. (My family calls them puffers). It has two-in-one and works (kinda) really well. I think it's Flixotide and another one, I think preventer, I'm not sure. I'm getting better, but I felt really bad because mum had to take me to the doctors when SHE was supposed to be going out with friends that night! I felt awful. Poor mum. Another bad thing is that since I am Girls School Captain, I go to a Young Leaders Conference at the Vodefone arena, in Melbourne, TOMORROW! I have been SOOO excited about it and have been waiting whole term for it but since I'm sick, I can not go. They are going to put someone in my place instead. I am so mad and sick and tired and have all these other feelings. I know it's the best thing not to go, because I have to get up at 6am, and I'll be back home at 5pm! I just couldn't do it. Life is so unfair some times.

Sorry for the long read but I just HAD to get it out.


Rachluvshorses4eva 03-05-2008 09:34 PM

I'm also still wheezing...and coughing, but I am much better then I was before. Silly Asthma, I hate it! I can breathe properly now too. But I still wheez and cough. Don't you hate getting sick?

FGRanch 03-05-2008 10:52 PM

Yes I do hate getting sick! I really hope you are feeling better soon :(

meggymoo 03-06-2008 03:18 AM

Aww rach. Poor you. ((Big hugs))

My 5 yr old daughter Ellie is just the same as you. She's suffered with Asthma since she was about 18mnths. And everytime she gets a cold, its a long one, and automatically goes to her chest. Which in turn effects her breathing badly. I feel so sorry for her. :(
We call them "Puffers" too. :lol:
I'm sure your mum wont of minded missing her night out, she'll of been concerned and worried about her girl. :wink:
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. :wink:

Vidaloco 03-06-2008 08:10 AM

Hope you are feeling a bit better. I don't have asthma but when I get a cold it always turns into bronchitis and I end up on a "puffer" and have to go in for wheezer (some sort of breathing machine) treatments. I know you must feel really bad about missing your conference but its for the best that you take care of yourself. Chin up, and get better :D

PoptartShop 03-06-2008 09:46 AM

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Aw, getting sick is no fun. :(
I hope you feel better!

Rachluvshorses4eva 03-07-2008 09:19 PM

Thanks guys. Maan I love the people on this forum. Good news, I'm getting WAY better and I've stopped the hard wheezing and breathing. But I still have to take my medication. The tablets taste YUCK! But, I know if I want to get better, I'll still have to take them.....

appylover31803 03-07-2008 11:35 PM

glad to hear you're getting better Rach!

JustDressageIt 03-08-2008 12:08 AM

That's great! Hope you feel 100% soon!

meggymoo 03-08-2008 04:22 AM

:D Glad your on the mend. :wink:

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