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Ray MacDonald 10-06-2010 06:22 PM

Kay, you can just take over...
Sooo... I was in art class at my high school and we were working on this project.

The project is that we have to pick a Canadian artist, copy a painting they did and do a power point on them...

So I pick a girl painter from Canada... Picked a picture that she did... It was a horse of course! lol

Any way so I get started drawing out some areas of dark spots and highlights as well as the outline of the horse... I did this because I really SUCK at painting..

So I get started painting and my art teacher comes over and she starts talking to me about the acrillic (SP?) paints and how to get the best out of them and then she turns my picture around to face her and SHE starts painting it..

Okay, fine, she messes it up a little (She paints the Areas that are supposed to be black, whit and vice versa) Well I know I can fix it so whatever.

She then tells me I need a colored picture... I had a black and white picture printed out but the computers at school only print black and white.

So she gets a colored picture and tells me the horse is a chestnut but its not.. it is a black horse with brown under tones.

She proceeds to paint over my black with brown... straight brown... Okay fine, its now going to be a brown horse...

At the end of class I see her take my picture and put it on a standy thing and take my paints... She starts painting it...

SOO today, I come to class with "my" picture completely done..... She then proceeds to give me "my" painting and starts talking to me about how "we" yes, WE need to do a few things more...

My job today was to paint a solid purple background that was very small and to paint the eye ball... SHE did everything else!

So now I didn't even get to paint my own painting.... wow great day...

lilruffian 10-06-2010 06:32 PM

Well at least you'll get good marks! ha ha but yes it kind of sucks that you didn't get to do it. She may have been using the brown as a base coat because that's what i usually do, then added the dark & light points.
As for her painting it for you, that's sort of rude unless she's one of those people who think they're the best & thought you couldn't do it in which case is still rude.
My highschool art teacher who went to actual art college would never do that unless we really needed help & then he'd show us how to do it. Lol i'll admit i whined a few times to get his help just so that i didn't have to do something ha ha (if it was something i didn't like).
I think i even remember what you're doing now, with the power point...

colds 10-06-2010 06:41 PM

I had to laugh a little at your post because it so reminds me of my Dad. :lol: He taught art for 39 years in our local middle school and so many times I witnessed him "taking over" a student's painting. Most were pretty thrilled to be able to claim their little masterpiece as their own.

I, personally, never got in to art much so I couldn't tell you if this is right or wrong but he is still very much respected for his teaching and is teaching in the grade schools and an adult class now at age 83!

I'd love to see your finished masterpiece! ;)

Ray MacDonald 10-07-2010 12:43 PM

Oh its nice! but I didn't get to do it... And no, its just this milk chocolate brown when the horse in the picture was actually a black perch stallion and the painting looks like a brown Arabian... and she went on about how it has to look as much as the painting we chose.

So I might just ditch the painting and do a sketch of the horse.

It wasn't like "here i'll help you" She did it when class was over... and I got to paint the background and the eye... I was thrilled!.. not.

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