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Stella 10-07-2010 11:03 PM

Scary falls
Hi everyone! :D i am curious to know what your scariest fall was like. Here's mine:

This was a really stuupid beginner's fall,and my first and only (So far!)

My lesson horse just lurched or something. I don't really know what happened (you try to 4get these things:lol:) but I remember thinking oh nuts oh crap oh save me and then I slapped my back on the ground. I was all winded and I got scared so I lay there thrashing like a baby. Then my instructor helped me up and I just hugged my dad and started crying!:oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:: oops::oops: I was SOOO freaked out- afraid to trot for like 3 lessons and afraid to canter for around, well, 23!!!! SOOO embarassing and stupid now that I look back.

Poseidon 10-08-2010 12:15 AM

Mine wasn't exactly scary for me, but the girl I was with got really freaked out. I thought I might post it because it is the only time I have fallen, and it was a pretty hardcore fall. Allow me to tell:

I work as a wrangler at a summer camp that has horses. My favourite horse is a 17-year old fatass bay mare named Poseidon (hence my username). I decided I wanted to do some senior pictures with her last year, with my friend as photographer. I was bareback, which I was okay with, but Po is very fat and difficult to stay on, especially because this was the first time I had ever tried loping bareback. It was going fine and I found out that it was actually as easy as my friend said it was. The only problem was trying to keep her from running back to the corral (which a lot of the herd think they need to do when in that pasture because it right there). It was going okay for a while until Po decided without warning to take off towards the corral. I wasn't prepared and attempted to grab her neck.

I ended up slipping off, but since my arms were around her neck, I swung in front of her and got loped over. When I opened my eyes, I was on my back and I saw her stomach. My friend was really freaked out. I was sore, but fine. My back had roadrash all over and I had a very defined hoofprint on my left shoulder blade. (I still have a scar about the size of a quarter)

The first thing I said when I got up was, "Did you get a picture?!" :D My friend didn't think it was as funny.

Another friend laughed at me this year because I was riding Po bareback again.

dressagebelle 10-08-2010 03:44 AM

I have had two scary falls. The first was a few years ago, I was riding a like 13 some odd hand Arabian gelding, and he hit a divot in the sand or something in the arena, and tripped. He started to regain his balance, but wasn't totally successful, and he ended up flipping over, threw me, and I apparently bounced a couple of times and slid forward, and ended up pulling myself forward really quickly so that he wouldn't land on me. He did end up landing on my ankle, though fortunately no damage was done. I was really sore, but fortunately we were both okay.

Third time was when I got on my Arabian for the first time, she was doing awesome, and I had someone leading her around the round pen, just to get her used to someone on her back. Well I was just about to stop and get off because she was being so good, and the stupid barn cat had to jump up on the rock right by the round pen, from the backside, so you couldn't see her until she was up on the rock. Well needless to say it scared the crap out of my mare who proceeded to take off, and I decided to ditch the horse before she ran into the fence. She was headed right, so I pushed off to the left, but right as I left her back she decided to switch directions, and jumped to the left, which left me flailing in midair to land on the right side of her, and not get stepped on. I ended up landing with all my weight on the inside bottom of my right kneecap, and the guy helping me with my horse had to come pull me out of the arena, while we let my mare run herself out. I couldn't feel my lower leg for about 5 minutes after "falling" off, and had a huge road rash from my jeans. My knee got really swollen, and I had a hard time walking for about a day and a half. Fortunately no more permanent damage than I already had, but it was still very scary not being able to feel your leg, and not even realizing it till someone asked me to move it. I scared the guy bad, because I guess I jumped up to try and get out of the arena, but as soon as I put the weight on my leg to move, I fell over, and couldn't get up again. Now she's absolutely wonderful, and I haven't had any problems since, but it took a bit to get over it.

dressagebelle 10-08-2010 03:45 AM

Haha, that was supposed to say the second time.

mbender 10-08-2010 07:30 AM

First time I got my mare, my sis and I decided to race in the field. Field is not to big but I thought we'd be ok. As we're racing, my sis turned to the left to avoid the barbed wire ahead and my mare decided she wanted to stay straight. Yep, scared the crap out of me. Luckily, there was a small tree right in front of that barbed wire. I met that tree head on. I stood there with the reins in my hand and was quite shaken but got back on and took her back to the barn. I went home and cried my eyes out and thought I would have to sell her. I didnt tho. First and last time I was scared.

countmystrides 10-08-2010 12:55 PM

when i was 12 i used to catch ride. i was a really tough rider and i was even smaller then most for my age. i was on a small pony who was extremely hard to ride. we were hacking in the hunt field and he spooked at a goat and slipped in mud. he got scared and flipped over on me and when i hit the ground i remember thinking, "what just happened". Then he kicked me in the head three times and in the hip once. i couldn't see anything for around 3 days.

kpptt2001 10-08-2010 01:44 PM

I have a story, it's kind of cute/funny, not scary tho. I was about 4 or 5ish. My family owned a show stable and was sweet enough to get me my very own pony - a Shetland pony (nasty little booger, that was used for driving before he came to our barn). The pony was supposed to be something fun for me; to once and awhile cart me around and mostly experience and learn how to properly groom etc. Since my mom was the coach, she was often out doing lessons in the rings, and I was left to be mischievous around the barn. One day, I had the bright idea that "if everyone else gets to tack up and ride in the rings, I should too". So, that’s what I did, tacked up my little cart pony in my tiny saddle and tossed on a pony bridle and out I went to the mounting block. Got on my pony and all went well for the first little bit. Walked into the ring and my mother was astonished to see me there and said "what do you think your doing?!?" I replied "I'm riding, mom" in a cocky kind of voice. My mother thought, well fine, I suppose she has to learn (I had been watching lessons intensely and lead lining for a while at this point). So off I went. Before my mother knew it, I was cantering down around the end of the ring and headed towards a small vertical. Just as we went over the vertical my pony popped me right out of my tack (I had never jumped before). Here I am, mid air, yelling "Heeeelllllllppppp". Everyone got a pretty good laugh out of that one. My mother made sure I was fine of course and said to me "hunny, how was I supposed to help you in mid air? ;)

It was probably funnier in person, but there it is folks, my very first fall! LOL

LauraKate 10-08-2010 04:23 PM

My last fall was yesterday!:-P Bareback on Dawn, with a halter and lead, we rode up a small hill, and coming down, something must have scared her, because she was doing a flat-out run. by this time, I was all out of balance. I grabbed her main, but I only got a few hairs. I don't remember actually falling, but the people watching said that Dawn bucked, and I came out the front door and landed on my head. A seizure and about ten hospital hours later, :-x I was back home. No real damage, except a cracked rib or two. Hey, I'm seventeen! I'm indestructible! :shock: That horse is in for it though...:evil: (Just kidding!)

Stella 10-08-2010 06:06 PM

Yikes! I'm almost sorry I started this thread in the first place! You people sure are gutsy though... my scary "fall" is nothing compared to yours!

Brithorse1996 10-08-2010 06:34 PM

My falls are pretty mellow but I can tell you one of a girl I used to ride with.

Ok at my old stables there was this horse that she hadn't ridden in ages and wanted to ride. I had never ridden him and to this haven't or ever will, but I heard that he sometimes just bolted for no reason, but I had never seen that until that day. Anyway she wanted to ride him and finally got to, she was so happy. The lesson went ok and then we tried going round the jumping course. When it was her go she started off ok but then her horse bolted at a fast canter/slow gallop, and considering he was probably a 1'500 draft horse (or something similiar) and she was pretty small, she lost her balance and slipped.

Unfortunately one of his hooves made contact with her lower back on the way down. She was screaming her head off and had a dent in her back, I'm guessing about 2cm from her spine. She didn't ride for a couple of weeks and needless to say, her first day back she had a brand new body protector.

She didn't ride that horse again after that and he wasn't very popular either.

EDIT: By brand new body protector, I mean her first ever body protector

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