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SorrelHorse 10-08-2010 05:29 PM

Way to shoot down my confidence, Mom >.<
Sorry for the novel guys. I have a lot to say, a little to vent a little for advice.

So Dolly is my new filly. She's three years old, slightly but not extremely green. She has more buttons than most older horses, but she lacks confidence and experience.

Now on to Mother. She doesn't like that I seemed to have surpassed her in my skill level. No, that's not just me being a cocky teenager. I've asked some people who the thought rode better, and every single one of them said it was me. I know that sounds terrible to say....But she gets on and she cowboys. And then she's scared to death. She freaks if a horse even shakes its head. -.-

So we took Rangiku and Dolly across the street to my trainers so we could ride. Mom decides she is going to go all "I'm the adult so I'm going to intruct you" on me. Grr. On so many levels it irritates me.

She drug me back down to beginner level. She started by asking me to do a halt and backup. Easy street, but Dolly has been so hyped up by her previous training that she doesn't hold still very well. It's a work in progress and Mom knows that. So when I asked her to back up, she literally ran backwards and then when I stopped asking she jumped forward again, so I backed her back up to the spot and she finally stopped. Mom threw a hissy fit, saying that I shouldn't have let her go forward at all. Dolly has some problems. I'm working on them. When she first came, I wouldn't have even been able to get her to stand still at all.

Okay, whatever, I just ignored her. I started doing my own thing and after a minute she tried again by telling me to do a forehand turn. Once again, easy stuff. I moved her hip over, no problem, this time she stayed still. I was verryy pleased with her.

Mom was not. She started just randomly yelling at me, telling me I asked her wrong.

Umm, what? Obviously I didn't, because she responded without hesitation or anything. AND she stood still. I callt hat a win considering how bad she was when she got her.

This hapened a lot during the ride. And when we were driving home, she had the NERVE to tell me I needed to stop saying I knew things when I didn't. WTF?? Everything she told me to do I did. Dolly did it to the best of her ability right now. Like I said, she came to us in bad shape. A total spazz, never able to stand stil because she thought we were going to just ride ride ride and never let her relax like the last people did.

Ugh. Help? I can't work with her barking at me the entire time. I love my Mom, but the minute we get into that riding arena she turns into a total bitch......She was better than me for a long time, but then she kind of quit while I just kept training at the barn. That's how I got better than her. There was three years when it was just me and no one else in my family riding.

wannahorse22 10-08-2010 05:38 PM

It might be a good idea to just talk to her about it. I know it may be akward, but it will help. There might just be micommunication between you two.

Another thing to consider-
Have you had a bad tone with her? My mom always gets upset when I have a sassy tone. Make sure to check that.
This is kinda an out-there guess, but she might just be scared of your safety; and she may just not know how to react; and it just comes out bad. Maybe??

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