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wingsinmoonlight 10-09-2010 12:49 AM

What breed(s) do you think she could be?+ Bonnie's Story (long)
Hi all,
I've been lurking here a lot in the past couple months, since I sort of accidentally got my mare. It's a bit of a story:

When I was a kid my parents bought me a horse, to stop the endless begging I'm sure. I was about 10 I think, and had never even touched a horse, let alone ridden. Toby lived on my grandparents farm. Problem is, he was a 4 year old, untrained, non-halter broken, UNGELDED registered paint. I loved him very much, and he never hurt me...but he hurt everyone else around. Reared, bit, kicked, etc. When my Papaw got sick, the cousins were too scared of him to care for him, so he got sold. I often wonder what happened to him..perhaps someone on here has APHA and could look?

Anyway, in high school I started taking lessons, and rode/competed through part of college on lesson horses. After my lesson barn closed down, and my favorite horse was sold at auction,(for far more than he was worth) I stopped riding. I had no intention of getting a horse, but I missed them badly-I'm sure you understand.

My sister knew I missed horses, so she invited me to her mother in laws farm. Mother in law has an OTTB, a walking horse filly, and had just taken in a rescue horse. She wasn't really bonding with the rescue, and was scared to ride the TB after a run away incident, so was happy to have me work them. I hadn't ridden in 3 years or so and was (am) woefully out of shape, but as the rescue wasn't broken anyway I could do groundwork with her.

About a month into this,Mother in Law told me the rescue horse "Bonnie" needed to go to a new home, did I want her or not? So, now I have a most unexpected horse! She has been with me for about 2 months now, and we are coming along nicely. With a trainer's help she walks and trots under saddle and bareback- neither of us is in shape to canter just yet.

I wonder though, what breed might she be? Lots of people have guessed, with Standardbred and maybe Arab or TB the front runners? I am pretty sure she is a mix. What do you think?

She is 3-will be 4 in March. She is 15.0hh, pretty petite, fading black. She is not gaited. She is not "hot", but very very smart and super responsive. I ride her in a rope halter-she has never had a bit in her mouth. Even after working a couple hours, I have never seen her breath hard or break a sweat. (we don't canter in saddle, but she does while working on the ground)

Her history as I know it:
Late Dec 2009 comes into rescue-starved, with a mini
Early Jan 2010 rescue offers her free on Craigslist and Mother in Law gets her
April 2010 I meet her- still skinny and rainrotted, but much better
Aug 2010 Bonnie is mine- moved to new barn and began training-weight is much better- a bit to go
Oct 2010-happy with her weight now


Craigslist Ad Photo

August in new barn

This week

Showing "dished" face- trainer noticed this and wondered if she had Arab

armydogs 10-09-2010 12:59 AM

i have no idea what she is but i think she is beautiful.

wingsinmoonlight 10-09-2010 01:04 AM

Thanks :) I do too-I know it really doesn't matter what she is, just who she is, but I'm curious. I feel really lucky to have her, and that she is so easy to work with- she spooks at a walk. Her only real big issue is the total inability to not eat anything and everything---I think from being starved-a 3 foot corn leaf blew into the arena the other day and she didn't even break step, just slurped it up like spaghetti. She also has tried to eat the following: my hair, all her tack, my barn mates spurs, a barn cat, all brushes, she is probably part goat too.

Redial 10-09-2010 04:51 AM

I'm thinking anglo or maybe standardbredXarab, although she's more Tb looking than standy....

Snookeys 10-10-2010 12:33 AM

I see a hint of TWH in her neck/ears/face(from the front, not the side). From the side I see TB... Yes she has a dished face but that is not unheard of in TBs. Arabs tend to have teacup muzzles and hers doesn't seem to be. She is just a "saddle horse" as my grampa would say. ;]

LusitanoLover 10-10-2010 08:30 AM

No idea on the breed, but I think she is lucky to have found you. My guess is goat x tb! :laugh: Not many goats have dished faces tho'. Mine are part goat too! :laugh:

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