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MaggiStar 10-09-2010 02:46 PM

Caring for windpuffs
My dressage mare has two windpuffs on each hind leg there not affecting her in anyway she had one on each leg as long as i bought her then two more popped up.
She has never shown any pain etc with these and i can poke and move them around and it doesnt bother her.

My question is though iv read that windpuffs can cause arthritis or become acute and need constant care i would like to limit her discomfot with these as much as possible.
how can i prevent these from becoming a major issue in a few years?

macktheknife 10-09-2010 04:59 PM

Mack has windpuffs on his left hind. He also has Thoroughpin (sp?), which is essentially a windpuff in a hock, in both hocks. He's also already arthritic, so I can't offer you much on that.

However, I CAN offer that I've found it best to leave him bandaged in standing wraps if he has to spend more than a few hours inside, because if he stocks up, he gets very stiff--particularly in that left hind. This is totally non-scientific, but I think he is responding to discomfort resulting from the increased pressure in that leg. (you can only put so much fluid in there! lol) If he stays bandaged, and therefore not stocked up, he stays a happy camper.

He's had these for at least five years, and he's getting to be an old man, but they haven't seemed to get any worse, or effect him any more.

Hope this helps a little bit.

MaggiStar 10-10-2010 12:22 AM

Thanks Mac!
she is currently out 34-7 thanks to an indian summer but when i bring her in i dont know how feasible to bandage her she would be bandaged form 6to about 5 every day before going out so would that be beneficial?
I was told i could cold hose but as there already formed it wont do much at all really maybe prevent more from forming thats about it.

MIEventer 10-10-2010 10:10 AM

You know, I've always wondered about Wind Puff's. Nelson has 1 on his hind right, just above his ankle.

He's never in though, well - I can't say "never" because he comes in with the whole herd at 4:00pm to eat dinner, and gets turned out around 8:00 when all the lessons are done and the whole herd gets turned back out.

He comes in twice a day to be fed, but the A.M only a few come in to be fed who are hard keepers like he is and he is never in that long. Just as long as it takes for him to eat his 5lbs of feed + suppliments.

He is out in an 80 acre pasture....I think it is 80 acres.......? it's huge none-the-less, with many other horses - and he is out all day and night.

Do they go away at their own accord? Or are they there permenantly once they show up?

MaggiStar 10-10-2010 10:46 AM

What i read abou them is they are a sign of your horse doing extra work more then he is used to. If they change at all you should contact your vet as they can be a sign of something going on in the digital flexor tendon i THINK.
I also read that they should be symmetrical so even on both sides.
Once your horse has windpuffs they will stay you can prevent them by cold hosing or you can get them drained but thats not always beneficial.
I do know they can increase the risk of arthritis in the fetlock and thats what im worried about i dont want her to develop anythung like that. Or if there is anyway to stop it from occuring

SaddlebredGrl 10-11-2010 01:57 PM

My horse is 19 and he has hand windpuffs on his back legs since i bought him. I should take a picture because there is like two or three on both legs. He hasn't gotten anymore, and they seem to go down when i work him long, or if he is turned out. He is in a stall right now, due too a hoof injury, and poor pasture, so i keep him in standing bandages. If i don't wrap them and don't work him, he gets really stocked up, and really stiff. I've read a lot and that they can do all that stuff, but my horse doesn't seem to be bothered by them at all. I also put like sore no more on them before i work him.

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