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A knack for horses 10-11-2010 01:09 AM

Internship. Advice?
I am in a college prep program (called Upward Bound). And in this program, as a Junior, I have the opportunity to set up a summer internship with a local business. The best part is the program pays me, not the employer, so long as my employer would be ok with getting free labor, teaching me a few tricks of the trade, and signing a monthly hour sheet. Of course I want to work with a horse trainer.

I have a specific person in mind. R, the trainer, is one of the best trainers in the country, and an amazing horseman. If I could get an intership with him, I would have to try very hard not to wet myself out of excitement. R is very particular, and isn't shy about telling you when you are wrong. I don't do the best with somebody yelling at me, but I can get over that stuff pretty easily. Even if he doesn't let me help train some horses (which would probably be the case), My horsemanship skills would skyrocket and everybody I have talked to to feel out how good of a mentor R would be has said something to support that theory. In fact, they were more than willing to validate his horsemanship skills and his gentlemanly-ness (I don't want to work for a creeper. :wink:). And on the plus side, I can still work and ride with my current instructor.

So for this possible internship; what I see myself getting out of this is:
  • I improve my horsemanship skills.
  • I get PAID to work with horses. (up to $100 a month)
  • I get to work with the best trainer in the area.
  • I have something to put on a college application.
  • I get to experience/learn what it takes to run a training business.
  • I can see if I really want to work with horses, without the risk of starting my own business (I already know I want to work with horses, and nothing will change my mind about that, even the grueling hours of running a stable and training business)
And here comes the problem:

How do I ask R if I could do an internship with him?
I am extremely nervous about this. If he senses that, he will roast me in an open pit and swallow me down with a side of A1 steak sauce. I am an extremely shy and quiet person. Not to mention socially akward. It takes me several months to warm up to people. Heck, I am just now able to have a somewaht normal conversation with my instructor after six months of working with him. I haven't talked to R more than a handful of times. And now I have to ask him for what would probably be one of the most influential experiences in my equine career.

One of his closer friends is my instructor. My FFA advisor also knows him. I asked my Advisor how to ask him, but that was little help. I am going to try to talk to my instructor Thursday about it, but I don't think he will be much help there either. He will more than likely go talk to him for me, which will make me look weak and scared to R, which will make him crack open the A1 bottle.

Help!?!?!?!:? Please!:?

Thanks for reading and for any suggestions ahead of time.

Beau Baby 10-11-2010 01:55 AM

Just email him or go see him. Explain the situation. You want an internship. He doesn't have to pay you the program does. Explain the program to him and what you hope to get out of working with him. be straight forward and honest

A knack for horses 10-11-2010 09:13 AM

Bump. Any other suggestions?

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