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IcelandicHorseLuver 10-11-2010 03:51 PM

R.I.P píla. you will be missed forever.
Well, i ride at this stable my grandpa owns.. he leases stalls to people. and one day as i went to get my horse i came across that one of the stalls who had bin empty had this amazingly beautiful horse in it. That mare was the most beautiful horse i had ever seen, those days i had her wonderful company were the best. i hang out at her stall for hour , petting her. her owner didn't really seem like he enjoyed her. when she took her out she was never kind. wiped her like no was tomorrow. one day as i came to the stable i filled the bucked with horsecandy(dont know how to say it in english xd) and walked over to her stall. she was there. as pretty as always. i greeted her and petted. opened her stall and put the bucked in the corner and sat there. but when she came toward me i saw she was limping . then i heard her owner and another person come near. i bursted out of the stall as i knew her owner didn't really like me -.- then i heard the most terrible conversation in my life. another horse had kicked my beautiful mare and broke both her front legs, i begged her owner to atleast try to help her. TRY .. but she looked at me like i matter less then a bug. i went there two days later. as i was told she was killed TWO hours after i left. and guess what? her owner had bought another horse and was now out riding her happy like píla had never bin her horse. how can someone do this. i cryed for days. and i dont even have a picture of her ? :'(

SidMit 10-11-2010 09:58 PM

I am glad she had a friend in you while she was alive. I am sorry she is gone.

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