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Redial 10-11-2010 10:52 PM

18year odl Chestnut TbX mare going...going...going....gone
Ok so the farrier will be here ina few minutes, so i went to get the horses up from the back 12 acre paddock, it's not mine I just have use of it. So anyhoo there's a lane that goes around to the paddock and then it goes onto our street and out onto the main road. I always go and get one horse at a time due to the diiot horse across the road making my 16 hand mare and gelding suddnely grow to 18hh stallions on crack. so I put the halter on Ralphie and amber was right behind him, I walked him out and amber stood indignantly at the gate like she usually does. I went to latch the gat and the B of a mare smacked it back open and took off out of it. My heart was in my mouth. I swore a little. so Ralphie is all OMG AMBER COME BACK! and trying to run over the top of me to get to the love of his life. so fortunately amber had a bad experience up on the main road once, witha road train and loose she naturall cantered the other direction, which is a ead end street. All I can sy is thank god for the crazy old horse across the road, he was making such a fuss that amby slid ont he breaks when she got there and stood squealing away at him, by this stage i had jogged ralpie and myself down to the back of my car that was parked at my front gate and grabbed the extra lead and halter I always have int he car. I went over to her and she's like Hey what's goin on. and then she walked happily back, and i'm standing there going...omg you're so and so and she's like, it's not that big of a deal. HORSES! i don't know how many days i spent training her to behave at the gate. This just goes to show that training is never to be fully trusted, especially when you're dealing with a smartpants with too much brain.

OffTheTrack 10-12-2010 08:14 AM

"making my 16 hand mare and gelding suddnely grow to 18hh stallions on crack."

For some reason that statement made me laugh :)

And horses will always humble us in some way or another. Glad no one got hurt.

NorthernLights 10-12-2010 09:09 AM

Your mare needs to learn some manners. No horse should EVER push through you. You are lacking respect from the mare. I would suggest lots of ground work.

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