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QOS 10-13-2010 12:28 AM

Going Gaited
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I am getting a little MTF 11 year old grulla colored mare on a lease in the morning! I am so excited. I had to give up my boy, Red, due to his anhydrosis. I gave him to a friend that will be doing dressage and not trail riding. It was too hard on him and was hard on me giving him up. My face wouldn't stop leaking.:cry:

I tried this little mare last week and liked her. I looked at 7 horses on a 3 day drive looking for a good match. I looked at several TW, SSH, a gaited Morgan and she was the only one I wanted to bring home. She was gentle yet forward, smooth in her movements and calm as could be - a little wiener dog ran under her feet when we were riding and she didn't freak out and neither did I! So, I am sitting in a hotel in Lafayette, La - had a fabulous bowl of gumbo at Prejean's and will pick her up in the morning for a trip to Texas. I will be taking her trail riding this weekend and next weekend. If it works out, I will be the proud owner of a gaited horse. If not, I will be back looking for a trail riding buddy. Here is a pic of me with Shilow last week. The other is the young lady riding her in the sales ad.

Jacksmama 10-13-2010 09:01 AM

Oooooh, I am SO jealous! I love Grullas! I am still sulking about them being so rare in Mountain Horses,lol. Congrats and I hope everything works out with that gorgeous girl!

QOS 10-13-2010 08:50 PM

I went to pick her up and she refused to get in my Brenderup. She danced around on the rocky asphalt for more than an hour. We gave up and tried to get her in the owners trailer. That took an hour because she was cranked up. She was kicking and fussing once inside but calmed down on the ride to Texas. I got her out and she was gimpy from the asphalt dance.

The farrier was at the barn and I had him look at her feet and he used hoof testers and said her soles were very thin and soft and he barely trimmed her just a tad. She is a good girl bless her heart but she was so gimpy. Sigh...the barn manager and several others said "no" send her back. So I am back to square one and ready to give up.

It is a shame...she is gentle yet spunky and calm as can be. Yet, I need problem feet like I need a bad rash.

I feel so bad...I have been sick to boot and I miss my own horse that I just gave up due to anhydrosis. I want to hug his neck right now and breath in his scent but he is far away. Ok...I am off of my pity party now.

Macslady 10-13-2010 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by Jacksmama (Post 780734)
Oooooh, I am SO jealous! I love Grullas! I am still sulking about them being so rare in Mountain Horses,lol. Congrats and I hope everything works out with that gorgeous girl!

I know what you mean. I have a little grulla QH/Paint filly who will meet a Rocky Stallion when she is all grown up. Going to try for a gaited grulla baby. :wink:
She has some awesome color now and if I have the right color guy......

Macslady 10-13-2010 09:03 PM

QOS So sorry to hear that. Can I ask what you are trying to stay within price wise? Maybe someone can help you to find one here or on another forum.

QOS 10-13-2010 09:13 PM

I would say I am trying to stay under the 3k range. first horse nearly put me in the poor house bless his heart.

I just spoke to Shilow's owner - she is a good lady. She understood and said she'd keep Shilow as a broodmare and not sell her if she couldn't trail ride. She is returning my lease money - she is a kind and honest person.

I will be returning Shilow Friday. We will give her a day to rest up. I told Cathy that I would love to buy a foal of Shilow's one day. She is such a pretty little mare with a million dollar disposition.

For me, I am looking for a calm laid back horse. Really would like a gelding but mare is good too! 15 HH and a chunky bunky as I am a queen sized girl.

Macslady 10-14-2010 05:15 PM

I will keep my eyes and ears open for you even though I am way up in Illinois.
Sometimes we run into some other gaited people who know of good horses up for sale.

cakemom 10-14-2010 09:57 PM

Denise, I'm so sorry you're so sad my honey, I feel guilty as all hell with Red over here. I hug him up every day for you, and beat the skanky mare off of him and don't let her steal his food.
I love you babe!!
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QOS 10-14-2010 10:35 PM

Don't you be guilty. I am so grateful that you are giving my boy such a good home. I just miss his big red self. LOL I miss him running to me if alfalfa is involved. I miss seeing him drop and roll and telling him what a pig in a horse costume he is. Just miss give him a hug for me and smell his neck...he smells so good!!!

Macslady 10-15-2010 04:50 PM

Keeping my eyes peeled for you. There are a couple of breeders in Texas for Kentucky Mountain/Rocky Mountains - it just seems if you really want to look for a gaited - any gaited - that Tennessee and Kentucky have the greatest amount for sale.

There also seem to be quite a few in southern Indiana.

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