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tpup 10-14-2010 07:47 AM

Turning out w/colt & filly?
Hi - new here and looking for advice. I am boarding at a lovely place but they are selling their farm :( I found what might be the perfect place but my biggest hesitation is turnout. My horse is currently turned out with 2 older geldings. He is quiet, 20 yrs old, low man on totem pole. Current barn is 5 minutes from my home, and so is the one I am considering. (I used to be 30 mins. away and with two young kids, activities, etc, I just can't go back to has been wonderful being so close!)

The turnout at the new barn would initially be my horse with a colt & filly - both around 6 mos. of age. Colt will be gelded and I met both, and they are darling, quiet and a bit tentative. (they are fairly new to the property themselves....were rescues - one is a bit spooky/unsure, the other just quiet). My horse is stoic, non-spooky as in nothing phases him! Very been there, done that. In many ways I can completely see him as their "dad" of sorts.

I am probably being paranoid but I worry about moving him from his quiet turnout to perhaps a more active....I worry he will stress (makes people laugh when I say this because he is pretty easy going...) however he is arthritic and having him around the young horses might be great for him.

In all other ways, this barn is fabulous. Beautiful, big pastures, nice shelter/run in, shade trees and shade areas too - great fencing, great grass. Very nice barn/stalls. It will stay small - it's only a 4-stall barn which I love (dislike big barns...) and owner is going to add one more adult horse - she is horse shopping for herself - lives on premises. The big pluses are it has a BIG ring on property with nice footing...actually in one of the fields (fenced). I currently do not have a ring...I would have covered trailer parking in a big garage of theirs. And the best is the rideout. Trails directly behind her property and it's pretty much endless - field after field...all up and down the road I see little inlets :) We ride out alot, alone mostly as my horse is great going out alone, but another plus is when she gets her horse, we can ride together. I clicked with these people (friend of a friend of mine). A few times a week I will hack out alone for 20 minutes for some "zen", so rideout is imperative. I can rideout at my current place but not to this's more down a few roads, and between properties/farms...few small trails but it's more of a "neighborhood" trail system.

Right now I trailer out for lessons which I don't mind, but my teacher could come here and we could get alot done in this ring. Also, the barn owner wants lessons herself when she gets her new horse, so we could do back to back lessons.

We would of course intro him to the baby horses slowly, although I have seen him go to "new turnout" situations twice since I have owned him, and both were absolutely non-eventful. Sniff here and there, and walked off with his new buddies. He really is one of the most easy-going horses I've seen which is why I love him so.

For those experienced with "babies, will he be okay??? I am in angst over this decision, as I am faced with either moving him now before winter, or
taking a chance her property won't sell and waiting it out. Would love opinions.

wyominggrandma 10-14-2010 09:53 AM

I would say move him to the new place. He will probably be the head honcho with the foals and be a leader, so it might be a new experience for him, and he will be their teacher.
It sounds ideal for both of you. Plus new trails, new pasture, new daily experiences will be good for the horse.

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