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SorrelHorse 10-17-2010 01:48 AM

Yet another Mom situation. Advice welcome....
Barbie Doll is three years old. not long under saddle. Very sensitive, very flighty, very hot. Either way, she's mine and I love the little brat to pieces despite the fact that she bolts a few times every ride.

Well, last lesson I had on her Mom came and watched for once. She's normally with her group of horses while I do my lessons. Well, the minute Barbie bolted the first time I pulled her to a one rein stop and corrected her, then continued with the lesson. Good job Barbie, you didn't kill me today. La de da....

Apparantly not. Mom now does not want me anywhere NEAR this "crazy horse."

Alright. She knew Barbie had problems when she came. She's made almost a complete turnaround since then. She's not as spooky anymore, she can spin four times with her head down (Nt fast, but still spins). back up all the way acros the arena if I ask, and lopes circles calmly. Before I wouldn't even be able to saddle her without getting kicked. I call that a success o.o

I understand she wants me safe, but she needs to just chill and realize that I can handle Barbie. And even if I can't, I have my trainer on her five days a week too. Barbie doesn't explode. She just runs around until she's stopped. She isn't trying to hurt you and she isn't hard to ride. >.<


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