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BarrelracingArabian 10-17-2010 04:51 PM

back in shape and trainer questions
Okey so i used to ride a 20yr old thoroughbred mare,Rave. She had cancer in one eye but was still an amazing horse tried her best and weirdly enough turned best on her blind side. Well one day she just said thats enough(we believe her eye was causing her a lot of pain and it jsut got to be to much for her) so i switched off to my mount before her mya. Well i rode that season on mya and then moved to my dads adn then moved back started riding a 19yr old thoroughbred gelding who passed on shortly after we met.Well i then bought a mare who ended up needing more work and training then i could give her so i sold her and went back to my old barn where rave and mya were. Well through all of that rave had had surgery to remove her eye. Now the BO is having me bring her back into work for another lady. Well i rode her for the first time last week i noticed several things had changed with her: she was super stiff, She is EXTREMLY over weight and she is now favoring the side that she was blind on when riding. So what are some things i can do to bring her back into shape and remembering her cues she was very dead sided and wasn't wanting to listen at all.
Now the trainer- We have about 4
c-first trainer been there longest none of us get along with her,focuss to much on speed rather then control and good turns and collection
b-2nd trainer she interacts with us and really focuss on what we need to work on-turns,control,collection.
g-3rd-she really interacts and helps us learn what our horses react best to-ex. trigger gets very antsy and nervous and wont stop when you lean forward , the second you sit deep and say woah that boy stops(bri didnt know that before g showed us)
so i was thinking of stopping lessens with c because she is not helping or communicating with me on what i need to improve. B and G both do they give great advice and work with us to find good methods as well as encouraging us to lose the tie downs(c always told us to put them on and slap on harder bits) and also encouraged us to switch to snaffles and get our horses working better on those. So i guess my question is am i making a good decision???

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