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ilovemyPhillip 10-18-2010 10:49 PM

Meat Goats/Goat Meat Consumption
Alright - I have said in a thread before that goat meat is the leanest, healthiest meat, & it is the most commonly eaten meat around the world. US citizens seem to frown upon, so where you market is crucial. Meat is better sold in culturally diverse areas - I would like to continue our discussion here, so we don't trash the other thread.


mom2pride 10-18-2010 11:00 PM

I raised dairy goats for years (until I had to rehome my last two prior to moving here to Colorado) I grew up in MN, but lived in AZ for a year, and now am in CO. In MN, alot of my 'cull' babies went for goat meat...not just 'religious' folks either, but normal people. AZ, you could find meat goat breeders anywhere, and specific breeds really, most were mixed, but goat meat is goat meat, as long as it is young, imo! Same here in Colorado, I see meat goat breeders selling meat goats often on craigslist. In all the states I've lived in, you can find goat meat in alot of supermarkets, they just may not have it in "all" the time. Same with Lamb. Some places around here though and back in MN you can find it anytime of year. I'm sure that is true for alot of states.

Now, I have no doubts in some of the more 'eastern' states, goat meat may not be as commonly found, I DO know several dairy goat breeders from out in the eastern states, and many of them will eat stock they won't use for breeding.

GreyRay 10-18-2010 11:08 PM

I love goat meat, my parents were in the Boar goat breeding buisness for 20+ years before MI screwed us over. Goat kids are tasty little buggers ;)
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Eastowest 10-19-2010 02:40 AM

I live in MI and I know people raising Boers and Boer crosses here and in OH and KY for meat, as well as living 20 miles from a man who for years made a good living collecting and feedlotting all sorts of goats from around the Great Lakes area, then hauling them en masse to sales somewhere near a large city in PA where there was apparently an ethnic population that bought up and used as many goats as he could provide. (can't recall if I ever knew what city, LOL)

franknbeans 10-19-2010 04:58 AM

Well, I have never seen it sold around either place I live. (fingerLakes of NY, and Northern Va) I have a feeling you probably could get it, just like anything else, just not what I would call mainstream. Altho I have eaten many different meats, goat would not be one, and I would find it about as appealing as horse. JMHO.

As I said in the previous thread, yes it seems to be a growing trend, judging from the Cornell stats posted there, but I would guess that the usage in any area can be linked to the cultural/religious diversity found there. I would find it hard to believe that it is as common in the white, anglo, christian population as it is among some of the immigrant ones. (ie:Asian, African, hispanic, middle eastern)

Alwaysbehind 10-19-2010 05:45 AM

I can not say I have ever seen it for sale in my area (NY, Finger lakes area too) but I do know it is around. At Empire farm days there were several booths of meat goat people. There are also people showing meat goats at the local and state fair level. So, obviously people have them.

I wonder if it is sold in the specialty meat case at some of the larger Wegmans stores?

franknbeans 10-19-2010 06:20 AM

Can't say as I have ever seen goats at Danny's house! Not even his organic farm! lol Will try and remember to ask Stensey next summer when we are water skiing.:-)

I will have to check it out, as well as at the Wegmans's in NOVA. Heading there with horse today! (We go south for the winter:wink:)

Alwaysbehind 10-19-2010 06:54 AM

Frank, if you are going to name drop you might want to spell it correctly. :wink: (Unless all the publications have it wrong, which is fully plausible.)

vivache 10-19-2010 07:03 AM

Wegmans is, like, the mecca of fancy grocery stores. Their heat and eat mac and cheese is awesome~.

See, I live near Winchester, VA.

I was riding in the car to go to a lesson.

I saw a shirtless, overweight redneck walking a sheep on a leash.

Eating goats is the least of our concern. XDDD

I do love goat cheese. I'd like to *try* goat sometime. I'm open to anything as long as they tell me what it is AFTER I swallow! A lot of restaurants around here sell goat dishes.. I might have to close my eyes and take a bite.

Though.. I shudder to think of that particular sheep on someone's plate. D:

franknbeans 10-19-2010 07:04 AM

Don't know-just know how to say it when I see

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