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SunriseNorth 10-19-2010 01:38 PM

Hunter Classes
I am not a hunter. Never have been. However, since I've been showing with my college's Equestrian Team, I need to know a bit more about hunters. I plan on showing in Hunters a bit this summer so I can skip having to "point out" of my current IHSA class. I grabbed a program from a local barn about to have their fall hunter show and looked through the class list and discovered i have NO IDEA what theyre talking about. The class system is incredibly different form the way IHSA runs things.

Short Stirrup? Long Stirrup? Junior Beginner Hunter? Junior Beginner Equitation? Adult Beginner? Junior Limit? Pre-Green Hunter? Novice Hunter? Low Hunter? Regular Working Hunter? Hunter Hack? Amateur? Hunter Under Saddle?

I'm so confused!

Is there some giant master list somewhere that can give me definitions of all the different hunter classes?
I'm 18 (does that make me an adult or still a junior? What makes an amateur?) and 5'9"; I'd be showing Heidi (an 8 year old halflingerxQH pony mare who has never shown on the "circuit" before) and Hank (a 12/13 year old Paint gelding, 15.1, who has also never shown in the circuit).
What sort of classes does that make us eligible for?

SunriseNorth 10-19-2010 01:53 PM

Forgot to add: Heidi would probably end up doing nothing higher than 2'3" and Hank 2'6"-2'9" (they could go higher, but I want to take it easy for our first show).
I'd like to do both flat classes and jumping classes.

VelvetsAB 10-19-2010 02:00 PM

You will not qualify for short stirrup as this is for the 12 and under group. Since you have never shown in a Hunter class, you could ride in beginner, but normally the beginner class is just cross rails of about 18"....Adult beginner might have actual jumps, but at a low height. Novice is about 2'3-2'6" (area depending).

I am not to sure about the rest.... as I know I just show in Novice and Novice Eq!

ErikaLynn 10-19-2010 02:12 PM

You can show in the Pre-green hunter, which is open to anyone in their first or second year of showing in the circuit, the jumps don't exceed 3'0". There is also Pre-Adult hunter the jumps are 2'6" Low Hunter the jumps are 2'6" to 2'9" so you could go in that. You have to be careful though, because hunter classes there are a lot of rules, such as you can't cross enter into one class if you enter into another one. Rules like that should be stated on the prize list though.

Void 10-29-2010 10:05 PM

If you are 18 you are no longer a Junior. You are an amateur as long as you don't accept remuneration for riding or work for someone doing something else for them (ie. not riding) but you sometimes do ride their horses but aren't paid. Those transgressions qualify you as a Professional.

For IHSA you do not need to learn more about Hunters, You need to learn more about Hunt Seat Equitation. I would pick up a copy of George Morris' Hunter Seat Equitation and Anna Jane White-Mullin's book Judging Hunters and Hunt Seat Equitation.

Those will help you out the best. If you qualify as an Amateur per the letter of USEF's amateur rules (which can be read in full here:

I would enter:
Either the Pre-Children's/Adult Hunters which should be 2'3"-2'6" or the Low Children's/Adult Hunters at 2'6"-2'9"

I'd enter Equitation classes on the flat or over fences. You could enter in the Maiden until you win a 1st or Novice until you win about 3 1sts and Limit for another 2 first place. The Medal classes I would avoid for now if I were you, they are usually 3' or higher. They may have a 2'6" or 2'9" Medal you could enter.

If you do not qualify as an amateur I would enter the

Baby Green Hunters which are 2'6" as a "Pro" you cannot enter equitation classes unless it says it is open.

I hope that helps.

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