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BarrelRacer86 10-19-2010 04:23 PM

Video of my mare and me running
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This is at a show at the begining of summer. The arena was kinda wet and tacky so were not running that fast plus she stumbled on the 2nd barrel. Fell free to call out any faults you see with me or the horse. This is my problem horse.

barrelracer892 10-20-2010 03:08 PM

Good run! Maybe a little more outside leg pressure once you come out of the barrels to straighten her up some more would be good. Other than that, it looks very nice.

BarrelRacer86 10-25-2010 03:38 PM

Thanks, overall this was one of her good runs.

beau159 10-27-2010 12:01 AM

The video is small and kinda shaky, but...

You came off a little wide of the 1st barrel. Use some outside leg on her to get her to tighten it up, or else you could leave a little more room when you come into the barrel in order to tighten it up on the backside.

When you leave the first barrel, get up and out of your saddle! It seems like you are still leaning backward and sitting when you should have your weight up and out of the saddle and encouraging her to run forward!

On the approach to the 2nd barrel, I can't really tell, but do you rein her head over to the right and create a counter-arc in her body? If so, you should be using inside leg to move her over instead of pulling her head over because it puts her out of position for the turn. Work on leg yields to make her more responsive to your legs.

Yup, little stumble around the 2nd, but she handled herself nicely. It happens.

3rd barrel is hard to see b/c it is so small, but it appears like you really lean back (like in a recliner) when you start the turn. I would think this throws her off-balance. .... But it could be the angle of the camera that makes it look like this. It just looks like you are leaning to the inside on the backside of the turn, that started with you leaning coming into the turn. What I like to do and what works well for my horse, is when I approach a left turn (for example) I stand up slightly in my saddle so that I can turn my hips to my left hip goes back and my right hip goes forward. This allows me to bring my right leg slightly foward so I can put ALL my weight into that stirrup since keeping your weight to the outside helps you to keep momentum in a turn (it is pure physics). Then you are free to kick with your inside leg if need be. Also, you can hold onto the saddle horn with your right hand and wedge your elbow into your right hip so you are perfectly stable and stay out of your horse's way.

It appears like she came off a tad wide on the 3rd??? (Camera angle?). Again, if this is the case, work on those leg yields!! Drifting costs you time.

But overall -- very nice run!

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