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Vidaloco 03-09-2008 08:43 AM

Another Dumb Question
What is the reason for cross-ties? I don't have anyplace to cross tie my horses and I don't plan on teaching our youngsters to cross tie. Is that a mistake, should they learn to stand that way? I suppose I could set something up, but was just curious what the advantages are.

drop_your_reins 03-09-2008 11:11 AM

I think its important to teach horses to cross tie, since it is a standard way of grooming/tacking/bathing/etc. for most barns (Western/English/Otherwise). My filly never cross tied before (she is 3) and I assumed that she had since she stood quietly on the ties. But now that she's broken quite a few sets (and I talk to her breeders) I know that she hasn't.

If horses learn from babies to stand quietly on cross ties, (even if you don't use them, you can just make them stand a few minutes a day while you pick their feet or groom them) if you sell them for whatever reason.. they won't have a panic button on crossties (like my filly sort of does)

You can set them up in a stall if you don't really have anywhere else to set them up. We put them in our stalls to keep the aisle way cleared. Just make sure the horse is trustworthy with something hanging in its stall. I've never heard of this, but I'm sure some horses would get themselves in trouble if you left them over night with a set of ties hanging there. (In which case, their easy enough to remove and replace daily)

LopinSlow 03-09-2008 12:55 PM

Cross tying in very basic. If your horse is well behaved he should be able to cross tie.

tim 03-09-2008 01:09 PM

And as for their purpose, they make it easier to walk around your horse and tack up / groom / put on their clothes or do whatever you need to do.

free_sprtd 03-09-2008 01:50 PM

Yes, I've noticed a behavioral change when Thunder is in the cross ties vs. tied to a post. He doesnt swing his rear around much and I can get a round him better.

wild_spot 03-10-2008 09:03 PM

My three horses have never been cross tied in their life, I don't know anyone who does it around where I live, maybe its a more common practise in America?
My horses are just tied to a bit of twine attatched to my shed.
I teach them to stand independent of the tie, my arab will stand anywhere I put him, does not need to be tied at all.
I don;t think my horses would appreciate not being able to turn there heads to look at something making noise etc, but I can understand where it would be useful to have the extra control.
I think it would be a good thing to teach your horse if he will ever be in that situation in the future, But I also think that if he is used to tying up fairly short or just standing then it wouldn't be too much of an issue for him.

Vidaloco 03-10-2008 09:19 PM

I think my adult mares wouldn't have problems being tied in any manner. I call my mare the old nag when she is tied to a post. She never moves an inch. I just worry about my 2 fillys. I have them standing tied to a post but wasn't sure if cross ties is something I should add to their training. Funny, I thought it was an English thing :lol:

wild_spot 03-10-2008 10:30 PM

I think it is an english thing, just obviously not around my parts!
The only time i've seen horses cross tied is at racing stables, and that's because most of the thoroughbreds won;t stand quietly when tied normally.
I think it would be a good thing to teach your fillies, if only as another thing for them to get used to and yield to, it can only benefit them.

WildCat_Vet 03-11-2008 11:56 PM

If your horse will stand quietly when tied it should stand quietly on a crosstie. I would caution that if you do use crossties make sure you use the quick release buckles and don't leave them. I believe they should be taught to stand tied first. I have seen wrecks on crossties when horses get nervous or impatient. (As a veterinarian I have seen problems with tieing to a post, etc. but the extra room for forward movement and the fact a lot of cross ties are in washrooms with slick concrete floors seems to increase the chance for wrecks.)

jazzyrider 03-12-2008 01:47 AM

i have only ever seen cross ties in australia when ive been at the races. apart from that ive only ever seen horses tied to some place with a quick release safety knot. even at the equestrian centre i used to work at we would just tie them to a ring. i personally dont see the difference. if a horse wants to move around they are going to do it whether they are cross tied or not. cross ties certainly dont stop the tbs at the races :D fortunately though my guys are happy to be tied normally so i have no need to try other ways anyway :)

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