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jazzyrider 03-09-2008 08:51 AM

i have the best horse because
ok something different. i thought it would be interesting to make a thread devoted to bragging about our horses. obviously everyone thinks their horse is the best and sometimes in other threads that can get a bit :roll: :roll: lol but i thought why not make a place where we can ramble on about why we think our horse is the best horse in the world

ill start: well i have the three best horses in the world because:

jarred: he was a scraggly, cranky, arrogant, independent, nasty, immature snot of a horse that no one thought was worth a dime. but we thought he needed some lve so we paid the tiny amount of $1000 to later find out we had bought the bargain of a lifetime because hes a trakehner with champion lines. and now after only 5 months he has turned into a sweet, calm, loving horse who just wants to please you. he still has his moments but thats part of his charm. he always keeps me on my toes but when the chips are down he will work really hard for me. hes definitely a one person kinda horse and we love each other to bits :D ssshhhhh dont tell my hubby ;) oh, and he has a canter to die for. just like a smooth rocking horse bouncing on clouds lol how poetic hehehe but hes got sass and spunk but elegance and pride at the same time. such a noble horse he is :D

possum: well jarred was in great shape compared to possum. she was a shadow of a horse and another horse who no one would have looked sideways at. but so quickly she picked up on good feed and love and is turning into an absolute gem of a horse (praying things go my way and i can keep her). shes got tonnes of love and heart and is so proud of herself when she does good lol she always knows when shes done good ;) shes the crankiest mare ever who hates everyone else except jarred. any other horse is scum and doesnt deserve her time unless it involves kicking the living daylights out of the closest horse who isnt jarred lol she works hard, she cuddles and she follows me around like a faithful little puppy baby girl :D and she looks so pretty when shes strutting her stuff under saddle :) such a non tiring ride she is :)

cougar: lol well...cougar! cougar is an individual and a loner. he doesnt make many friends and rathers find his own patch of nice grass than hang out with the other in the other patch. he made good friends with this one horse baloo but then they moved him out and cougar was sad :( he moped around and needed lots of love lol he acts cranky but deep down he loves cuddles and attention. when you bring his feed he does this little high pitched whinny and nods his head lol then puts his ears back when you get close and he cant quite reach his food lol he cant trot to save his life so we pace everywhere lol and when he does decide to canter its like riding a donkey but hey, hes my old man :D

FGRanch 03-09-2008 11:16 AM

Miss Kita is the best horse becasue...

She is sincerly a sweet girl! She really cares about everythig! She loves kids, she adopts foals, she comes running when I walk out to the pasture crying. She has always been a trustie mount.

I'm not going to do it about the rest because I don't have the time!

Sissimut-icehestar 03-09-2008 12:24 PM

hmm, well

when my Stína first came everyone thought she was fat, but my poor girl was just pregnant ! I hope her foals personality will be just like hers because...
when im just grooming her or hanging around the stables she´s behaves like shes trying to say, I love you mommy is that okay ?
If i leave to go get something she puts her head out of her stall and neighs !
there is no need to tie her up, she just wants to hang around you !
but once you get in the saddle you realize she is from the land of FIRE and ice :twisted:

my2geldings 03-09-2008 07:32 PM

my horse is the best because...

he is such an easy going horse. He loves any attention he gets and takes such good care of his riders both adults and children alike. He always comes to the fence when he sees me coming and adores me talking softly in his ear. He will drop his head in my lap.

my other horse...
he is black! 8) :D

Harlee rides horses 03-09-2008 07:41 PM

My horse is the best because... Well I know he's not the best horse in the world nor even in my eyes is he the best horse in the world because for as many perfections as he has, he has that many more faults. I do love him dearly though and this is why,

He is always willing to please, never gives up.
He has the best attitude, and is the greatest therapist.
He can tell when I'm sad and knows precisely how to cheer me up.
His top lip is the way he expresses himself and talks. When he says I want that, he stretches his lip out to reach to it. When he runs barrels, if you look hard enough at the picture, his lip is sticking out. He just has so much charisma.

PoptartShop 03-09-2008 09:32 PM

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My horse, Lexi, is the best horse because she ALWAYS cheers me up if I ever have a bad day; she loves following me around...she's like my best friend. :) & she may go a bit faster than other QH's LOL but I love her speedyness.
Also because she ONLY listens to me when I ride her...I'm the only rider who can really control her...other people she just doesn't click with, she acts really different. :D I love how playful she is too! :)

my2geldings 03-09-2008 10:22 PM

Great therapist. I can count the number of times that I have had a bad day and gone to see my horse and ended finishing my day in such a great mood.

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